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Image First! Overcome your fears, get unstuck and fuel your success!

Our mind constantly creates pictures, sounds, tastes, smells, emotions and self-talk. These inner images reflect our beliefs about ourselves and the world, and these beliefs in turn create our outer experiences. This is great when those inner images are strong, positive and joyful. But what happens when they are weak, negative or unhappy?

Translating Our Feelings: Shift Any Fear You Have About Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality!

We can use the language of feelings and the power of imagination in a way that leads the mind to create new inner images, (inner mental blueprints), new neurological pathways and a new, positive, powerful outer experience of the world.

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“Imagination is the very gateway to reality. By imagination we have the power to be anything we desire to be. The thinker and the thought, the energy and the field are one. Were you still enough to hear the sound of your beliefs you would know what is meant by “the music of the spheres.” 
– Neville Goddard


Changing Negative Images and Thoughts into Positive Ones


Balancing your energies for optimal health, joy and vitality.

Image Repatterning is not complicated:

  • You decide what you most desire, dream of and/or really want.
  • You align your feelings with what you want.
  • Then you allow your dream to come forth into your experience.


It is very simple in theory. But if you have you ever had something trigger you, or set you off, and you just cannot shift your thoughts, despite all of your positive affirmations, self-help books, meditation and prayers, then you know how challenging it is when a memory or some form of mental “picture” has been stimulated into vibration by our environment.

Why? Because we are unaware that on an unconscious level we are still resonating with the past. Until you change your resonance with certain images, memories, thoughts and feelings you will continue to react from old patterns of belief, thought, feeling and behavior.

Our energy patterns get set at a very young age. If you keep encountering the same pitfalls in life you can be sure that these early suggestions and vibration have formed into a script or self-image. Now is the time to know how to correct, strengthen, clear, heal and support your Biofield.

Image Repatterning is a way to revise the script and frees you to move from passive reaction to active creation; this breaks the wheel of recurrence and builds a cumulatively enlarging future. It is rooted in the idea that what is made in the imagination can be altered. It works on the multi-dimensional level with your entire system, from the physical, cellular level to the emotional, mental and spirit levels.

Each session increases awareness, transforming old bodies of belief as well as altering vibrational frequency, bringing you into resonance with your dreams, desires, intentions and new self-image.

Image Repatterning interrupts your resonance with past experiences, limiting or fixed beliefs, negative emotions and perceptions that no longer serve your authentic self.


Why is it important to work with Image Repatterning?

All matter owes its existence to vibrating frequencies. The vibrating energy of various frequencies is behind the energetic mental image/blueprint that governs all of the molecular and biochemical processes of our body, mind and spirit. Energy runs in established patterns or habits according to the dominant self-image. Every cell emits and responds to electrochemical signals in a dance that keeps energy moving or stuck according to our state of awareness. When our energies are in harmony with a healthy, confident, self-image our lives work better.

Our lives are continually in motion, buoyed by the wave that is the universe's flow. As the wave rises and falls, we are carried forward, through life's high and low points. The universe's flow may take us to places in life we would rather not be. As tempting as it can be to fight the direction and size of this wave that propels us, riding the wave is intended to make life easier. Riding the wave, however, is not a passive experience. It is an active process that requires imagination, attention, feeling centered and being awake.

Events in our past imprint themselves on us physically, mentally and emotionally.  This imprint (or mental blueprint) becomes the seat of habit in our subconscious, influencing and driving our current behavior. These discordant frequencies can start "running the show" and become lodged in our tissues, which can lead to obstructions between our body's cellular and energetic systems. When this happens, it’s time for Image Repatterning, to help you change that blueprint.

Energy gives life. Your invisible latticework of energies shapes the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you live.


Image Repatterning is a non-medical approach designed to promote stress reduction, self-healing, pain relief, solutions, overall resilience and most of help you activate your imagination to turn dreams into reality.

  • Your mind, brain and body are inextricably linked. The mind experiences itself through the brain/body. 
  • Many chronic illnesses, pain, mental and emotional difficulties are caused or exacerbated by excessive stress, negative thoughts, unregulated emotions, poor lifestyle choices or other factors. Often we are not even aware of them!
  • Your every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. The brain then releases chemical signals that are transmitted to the body.

  • Because the mind, brain, and body are all interconnected, focused attention can change the structure of the brain. The physical body can change the mind and brain.

  • Just as all thoughts release biochemical reactions that lead to behavior, our repetitive, unconscious thoughts produce automatic, acquired patterns of behavior that are almost involuntary. These automatic behavioral patterns are habits that become neurologically hardwired in the brain.

  • Every image, mental blueprint, memory tells a story and your experiences portray the workings of your mind and brain.


"Never bow before the dictate of facts, (suggestions) and accept life on the basis of the world without. Assert the authority of your image and "The Imaginal Dynamic" over facts and you put all things in subjection to them. In confidence remain focused on your image, (mental blueprint) in your imagination. No one and nothing can take it from you but your failure to persist in imagining your dream fulfilled."
– Melissa Zollo

The world in which we live is a world of Imagination. Every one of us is an energy being with the power to create reality. Nothing stands between you and the fulfillment of your dreams but facts- and facts are the creations of imagining. As you change your imagining you will change the facts & your world will reflect new experiences.

What you Imagine you become & what you feel you attract!

What you Imagine you become & what you feel you attract!


You Can Change Your Brain!

The human brain is far more adaptive than we ever knew. Over the last two decades, there has been a proliferation of research and discussion about the brain. Many researchers are proving that we can make structural changes in our brains well into later life! We have more power to alter our own brain, our behavior, our personality, and our reality than was ever previously thought possible.


What is Neuroplasticity?

This is the brain’s ability to act and react in ever-changing ways. This special characteristic allows the brain to constantly lay down new neural pathways, and rearrange existing ones, aiding the processes of learning, memory, and adaptation through experience. This is how we master a new skill and adjust to a new environment. It is also how some people are able to recover from brain injuries and overcome cognitive disabilities. 

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Stress, Trauma and the Brain

Emotional, psychological, physical, chemical, and bacterial stress and trauma all impact on our optimal brain function. They can overload the brain and put it in a chronic state of either hyperarousal or dissociation, resulting in physical and emotional symptoms as well as many health, relationship, financial and professional challenges. This overloaded state of mind keeps us stuck in old patterns and unable to make the changes we deeply desire.


"Numerous studies published since 1960 demonstrate the efficacy of mind-body techniques in lowering blood pressure and stress hormone levels, relieving pain and improving immune functioning, as well as improvements in clinical conditions such as HIV, cancer, insomnia, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)."
– The Center for Mind/Body Medicine


  • Are you ready to let go of the emotional attachment to past wounds today?
  • Do you feel that your negative mental images, thoughts, feelings and words impact your reality?
  • Do you feel you have past memories and experiences that conditioned you and you can’t seem to shake loose from them?
  • Do you feel stuck or held back even though you are taking all the right actions towards a goal?


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"Imagist, Melissa Zollo helps us create a blueprint to unite the logic of the mind and the poetic consciousness of the spirit, in the move toward the positive rhythms in this dance of life. Widowed years ago, I spent much time living in the past and questioning "why go further" when it all ends. Melissa's guidance for living in the present moment opened the door to seeing opportunities and to feeling happier with a wonderful man who is now my husband. I highly recommend Melissa's Dream Your Relationship into Being workshop and her Discover the Power of Imagination audio program, whether you are seeking a more satisfying relationship and or a more profitable life. I cannot praise Melissa Zollo and her seminars and audio programs enough."
– Diane H. J - Mathematics teacher (recently retired) UCLA, BA Math. University of Southern California (USC), MS (Math. Ed.)

"I would like to take the opportunity to highly recommend Melissa, if you feel any inclination towards using her services do not hesitate, JUST DO IT. I have been working with Melissa for several years now on a range of topics and have always been happy with her direction and ability to hear truly what I have been saying. As a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing for over 17 years on a high level with some of the greatest healers on the planet I can say she is truly gifted. I recently had a health concern some of the best docs around could not heal and within two sessions with Melissa I am back to myself. Thank you for everything."
 – Dr. Michael DeMasi D.C. - DeMasi Chiropractic and Wellness, Pittsburgh, PA

If you would like to know more about Image Repatterning, and why it works, there is lots more information here! To read more powerful testimonials on what people have got out of their Image Repatterning sessions with Melissa, check here. Or, if you answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions and just want to get started, contact Melissa today, and begin the journey to transform your life.


Melissa Zollo

Melissa is a leading inspirational speaker and mentor, a celebrated grand-master imagist, energy facilitator, reiki master, certified restorative and advanced regression hypnotist, certified Akashic record reader, memory reconciliation and image re-patterning practitioner, certified sound healer, certified gong master, certified Himalayan singing bowl practitioner and certified tuning forks and drum practitioner. She created the ‘Imaginal Dynamic” series and lectured on the Universal Laws of Consciousness and the Power of Imagination for 30 years. Click here to read Melissa’s full biography.



Melissa is not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.  She does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness. The services Melissa renders are not a form of health care, psychotherapy, or counseling, nor are they substitutes for medical treatments or medications. She recommends that you seek medical and/or professional help when appropriate. Melissa will withhold non-referred services if a client’s behavior, appearance or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed health care professional, and will provide services to such clients only after evaluation and with the approval of the licensed health care professional.


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