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When Albert Einstein realized that E = mc2, and shared it with the world, he was in fact reflecting on what the world’s wisest people had long known – everything in the universe is energy. Both the physical plane and the abstract reality of our minds are made up of energy patterns. In fact, we live in an ocean of energies, consciousness, awareness and imagination.

Intuitives, teachers and sages understand that all energy moves and vibrates at its own speed, and that we all have the ability within us to affect and move this energy. Believe it or not, we are a finely tuned system of interacting vital forces. We have the power to set patterns and mental images into motion, resulting in new experiences for ourselves. The trick is accessing this power.


Imagine It! Feel It! Live The Dream!

Imagine It! Feel It! Live The Dream!


Everyone has challenges in life. While many succumb to them, others transcend these difficult times to become leaders and mentors. These people use their hardship to transform the way they think about their life and their purpose.


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Melissa Zollo is one of these people. Melissa imagined and created her life today by using her imagination and the universal principles we all have access to. After surviving a serious and debilitating head injury, Melissa knew first hand that when a person experiences trauma, almost nothing feels safe. Doctors told her to face reality, however Melissa knew that reality was not set in stone, but was a temporary reflection of our vibrational habits and thought patterns. So, she had a conversation with the Universe, and asked for help. Gradually, through the imaginative use of energy and image repatterning, Melissa healed and rebuilt her life. And now she does the same for others, all over the world. Melissa’s story is fascinating. To read more, go here.

Melissa has helped people heal from pain, emotional trauma and self-defeating patterns through her workshops, teleseminars, international seminars and online courses. Her energy, vision and wisdom combined with her practical approach get amazing results for her clients. Melissa has a special interest in helping people overcome self-limiting beliefs and harness their creativity.

Melissa Zollo can identify your ‘mental blueprints’ and explain to you how your past memories, painful beliefs and images are influencing your current financial, personal, and professional life. No matter what your primary dream or desire is, Melissa shows you how to turn it into reality.

During a consultation with Melissa, you will be taught to recognize, revise and overcome the obstacles that block your feelings, and which can create unhappiness and unnecessary tension in your life. You will be given a ‘user’s guide’ to the imagination, mental imagery and the brain.

Once you are able to design and create a new mental blueprint, or image, you will also create a new emotional belief. Then you will make the shift into energetic healing, emotional resilience, powerful new beginnings and, most importantly, results!

How many invisible factors are influencing your life experience?

How many invisible factors are influencing your life experience?

Melissa offers a range of services, and can tailor her sessions to your needs:


She has also made numerous media appearances. Click on the links above if you would like to find out more about the individual services Melissa offers and how she can help you.

Whichever service you are interested in, you will:

  • Benefit from the experience of someone with a 40-year successful track record who has helped thousands of people
  • Be in a non-judgmental, safe environment which allows for deep healing and transformation to occur
  • Resolve the unfinished business of your past
  • Receive the understanding, compassion and kindness of someone who is familiar with very painful experiences
  • Build an attitude of “the better it gets the better it gets”
  • Lift your vibrational frequencies to help you attract what you want
  • Learn to take an emotional stance of joyfully expecting something until it happens
  • And you can expect to receive homework between sessions, because that’s where the real shifts happen!

Now is the time to know how to correct, strengthen, clear, heal and support your Biofield.

Get in touch with Melissa today, and begin to… Image. Feel. Transform. Receive.

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