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Melissa Zollo: Internationally Celebrated Imagist, Author, Consultant, and Inspirational Speaker

Melissa is a highly sought-after speaker, who has a rare gift for ‘holding a room’. She is a renowned imagist, inspirational speaker, Restorative Hypnotist and consultant focused on the Power of Imagination, Consciousness, MetaSonic Resonance, Energy Medicine, Sound/Vibrational Repatterning and the Art of Manifestation.

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Her Speaking Engagements Focus On:

  • The Imaginal Dynamic: Bringing Mental Pictures into Form
  • MetaSonic Resonance: Tuning Ourselves to the Infinite
  • Conscious Image Alignment: Aligning your imagining faculty, thoughts and your body's energy with your Image, Intention, Belief and Feeling.
  • How to use energy to self-heal
  • How to discharge "stuck energy" on chaotic memories in order to achieve a neutral space and emotional resilience
  • How to 'unplug from the pain body' and tune in to the unified field of harmony, peace, joy and love via Image + Thought + Feeling = Result. 
  • Imagined Results Become Reality!


Melissa explains how to take full and systematic control of inner resources; how to "image first" to increase self-confidence and a sense of worth; and how to achieve success and the fulfillment of personal dreams. Her clear voice, vision, and wisdom have helped people from all walks of life, including finance, health, publishing, entertainment, and the arts.


Life Enrichment Topics

  • Healing Through Mental Imagery
  • Resonance Listening: The Art of Self-Talk
  • Emotional Repatterning: Your Feelings Are Worth a Fortune
  • Fear Prepares you For Danger: The Danger Has Passed
  • Success Is a Journey – Not a Destination
  • I Can Heal My Relationships And I Will
  • Healing The Mother Wound
  • Healing The Father Wound
  • Do Defenses Shape Your World: Defenses Limit You
  • Belief is the Law of Life: Think Yourself Rich
  • Life Heals: The Truth Requires Change
  • Unlocking the Power of the Feeling Cycle
  • Breaking through Resistance: Issues Are Like Puzzles
  • Acceptance: A Gift We Give Ourselves
  • The Brain is Not the Mind: Heal the Mind and Rewire the Brain      
  • Your Body is Listening to Every Word You Say
  • Dream Your Finances into Being
  • I Can Heal Myself and I Will
  • Break Through the Barrier of Fixed Beliefs: The Idea is the Cure!
  • Believe in Yourself:
  • Imagination: Use Your Invisible Power, Mental Imagery & Shift into New Beliefs!
  • Awakened Imagination: The Healing Power of Forgiveness (Re-Vision)
  • Imagination In Action: The Protecting Power of Self-Love
  • Our Genes Do Not Control Our Lives— Our Images, Thoughts and Feelings Do
  • Activate Your Receiving Code: Charge Yourself with Magnetism
  • You Are More Powerful than You Think
  • Change Your Life by Changing Your Beliefs



  • Step Into Your Power: Imagine Yourself to Health, Wealth & Happiness
  • Failure is Impossible: Harness the Persuasive Power of Gratitude.
  • Feeling is the Secret!
  • How to Use the Boundless Power of Imagination & The Cosmic Laws of Mind
  • How to Use the Power of Thought to Change Your Destiny
  • How to Call Upon The Healing Presence & Summon Answers & Solutions
  • Your Unlimited Power to Change Your Life: From Image to Reality
  • How to Use Mind-Magic to Make Riches Flow
  • Neville Goddard Taught Me Well: Imagining Creates Reality


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“Melissa Zollo is a very dynamic and eloquent speaker. She keeps her audience captive. She thoroughly understands healing principles from personal experience. To watch her help and inspire people was simply a wonderful experience. As the owner of Fountain of Youth, I am very happy to provide my customers access to Melissa's unique audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation. This is a valuable and powerful tool which facilitates self-healing for anyone facing a health challenge. It was an honor to have Ms. Zollo, and I'd love to have her back for another seminar!"
– John Morretti, Owner of Fountain of Youth - Westport, CT

“Melissa Zollo is the voice of imagination in a world requiring new holistic approaches to transformation of both individuals and organizations."
– Professor Deborah Nightingale - Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division - Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT

To find out what other people thought of Melissa when they heard her speak, please read some more amazing testimonials. You can also read about her dynamic media appearances. If you would like to talk to Melissa about speaking at your event or seminar, please contact her today.


Melissa Zollo

Melissa is a leading inspirational speaker and mentor, a celebrated grand-master imagist, energy facilitator, reiki master, certified restorative and advanced regression hypnotist, certified Akashic record reader, memory reconciliation and image re-patterning practitioner, certified sound healer, certified gong master, certified Himalayan singing bowl practitioner and certified tuning forks and drum practitioner. She created the ‘Imaginal Dynamic” series and lectured on the Universal Laws of Consciousness and the Power of Imagination for 30 years. Click here to read Melissa’s full biography.



Melissa is not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.  She does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness. The services Melissa renders are not a form of health care, psychotherapy, or counseling, nor are they substitutes for medical treatments or medications. She recommends that you seek medical and/or professional help when appropriate. Melissa will withhold non-referred services if a client’s behavior, appearance or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed health care professional, and will provide services to such clients only after evaluation and with the approval of the licensed health care professional.


Ethics, Confidentiality and Privacy

Melissa Zollo practices in accordance with a high code of ethics and standards. She maintains the confidentiality of all knowledge and information concerning her clients. She may disclose information only when required by law or when authorized by those responsible for the client’s care.


Please note, a 48-hour cancellation policy is required for all services.



The information provided on this site is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease or illness. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Results may vary from person to person or animal to animal.

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