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“Melissa’s work is profoundly effective.  She gets to the root of  your  issue and frees you from it’s  grip and then helps you rebuild a new belief from a place of self-love and self-confidence." 
– Judy Harris - Writer
“Absolutely incredible! First rate! I love Melissa’s style and empathic way.”
– Roberta C - Photographer, NYC
“Awesome sessions that are inspiring and transformative.  Melissa helped me to feel good about myself in the first session. Thank you!”
– Ken S., Florida
“It was hard to believe that a mind-over-body approach, i.e Restorative Hypnosis would help me get a handle on eating but it did. Very happy to report I have released 10 pounds thanks to Melissa Zollo.”
– Valery M - Real Estate Agent, NY
“I am a non-smoker thanks to Melissa Zollo and Restorative Hypnosis.”
– Maureen B - Animal activist, LA
“I come from a family where food is used as a reward. Where, if you care about someone you feed them and if you leave food on the plate it is wasteful when so many people in the world are starving.  My sessions with Melissa helped me to break this fixed family belief. She developed imagery related to my feeling good, looking good, and acting on behalf of my health and well being. The guilt and the excess weight started melting off of me and I no longer see family visits as threatening situations.”
– Rachel H, Staten Island, NY
“My Restorative Hypnosis sessions were fabulous. I worked with Melissa on a shopping issue which tied into a hoarding issue. Together we got to the deeper issues and cleared them. I am no longer dependent on holding onto things for comfort.  I learned invaluable lessons. Number 1: The answer lies within. Melissa believes we have everything we need to succeed and I believe her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Melissa.”
– Toni B - Artist, NY
“Restorative Hypnosis is nothing like what you see in the movies! I learned how to relax my mind and use my imagination in a proactive way.  I have shed 40 lbs, learned better ways to deal with stress, and have better eating habits. I am thrilled and over the moon happy with my success. Now onto other issues I'd like to use RH for.”
– Rebecca C - Manager, NYC, NY
“Adding Restorative Hypnosis to your weight management, success, or relationship challenges will help you let go of what no longer supports you and bring in more of what you do want. It did for me!”
– Andrea D. M. - Yoga instructor, Bronx, NY
“Persistence is the key to my success. I persisted to work with Melissa Zollo and I became an ex-smoker on my quitting date! Thanks and thanks again.”
– Billy E. - Carpenter
“Restorative Hypnosis is effective and Melissa Zollo is a competent practitioner. She instilled in me the feeling that I had all I needed to become a non-smoker. Happy to say I am succeeded.”
– Ron D - North Miami, Florida
“Let me suggest that you expect your Restorative Hypnosis sessions with Melissa Zollo to work. They will if you really want them to produce results. Believing is seeing results!”
– Joan C - Retired teacher Staten Island, NY
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