Safe Space Shake and Release


Read what people are saying about their experiences of Safe Space Shake and Release with Melissa.

★★★★★ - 5 Star Rating

“I was looking for help in dealing with anxiety and stress. A friend told me about Safe Space Shake & Release but I was hesitant to try it. Then my stress levels were so high and I didn’t want to be medicated so I decided I had nothing to lose by having a session. I was nervous at first but Melissa put me at ease. She explained everything. After my first session, I felt like weights had dropped off my shoulders. I felt hopeful again. I truly sensed a calmness come over me.  I made an appointment for another session and now I go twice a month. I am amazed that I feel better and better with each session. I feel so much lighter too.  Melissa has helped me change the way I deal with negative situations and stressful people in my life. I highly recommend Melissa Zollo and all of her services.”
– Mary Regina E. - Airline Industry
“My experience of Safe Space Shake & Release with Melissa was wonderful. I was going through some heavy duty “stress” but from the moment I walked into her Dream Tree studio I felt connected and comfortable. I highly recommend Melissa. She is a very sensitive, warm person who allowed me the space to “let go” and “discharge” some toxic energy that I had locked up in my body for way too long. I felt so relieved and released after the session. Thank you, Melissa.”
– Kathy E. - Administrative Assistant, New Jersey
“First off, Melissa helped me ease the effects of long held stress. I work with high powered people who are mentally and emotionally demanding and frequently I am completely drained by the end of the day. But since I started doing Safe Space Shake & Release I have noticed such a big shift in my reactions.  I am no longer suffering from “burn out” and my kids say I am happier and fun to be with it again. Can’t get better than this for a result!”
– Teresa K - Advertising Firm - NYC
“I really enjoy the sessions. I have a very stressful life and giving myself an hour for 6 shake & release sessions helped my body unwind. Every time I left the Dream Tree studio I felt deeply relaxed and the benefits lasted for several days after. Also, Melissa Zollo is a very special person and it is a pleasure just to be around her!”
– Rebecca K - Actress
“Melissa’s treatments are a cut above the rest.  I feel both grateful and blessed that our paths were destined to cross.”
– Lucille L. - Airline Industry
“Melissa Zollo is the most amazing practitioner.  In just a few sessions my physical and mental health have improved and I have more energy. Each session is wonderfully relaxing and enlightening.”
– Patricia R - Customer Service
“I cannot speak highly enough of Melissa Zollo. I highly recommend her as well as Safe Space Shake & Release.”
– Barbara D - Composer
“Wow, I didn't know what to expect and was so beautifully blown away! Melissa doesn't make you feel judged nor does she rush you. She is with you every moment throughout the session. Whether you are feeling out of kilter, mind, body or soul, book an appointment and feel fabulous.”
– Patricia R - Tour Guide
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