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★★★★★ - 5 Star Rating

“Melissa Zollo is the voice of imagination in a world requiring new holistic approaches to transformation of both individuals and organizations."
– Professor Deborah Nightingale - Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division - Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT
"Melissa Zollo's presentation on the Universal Laws of Life empowered me to such a degree that financial opportunities opened up almost immediately. The next day I sold a piece of property that I had been trying to sell for 5 years and several money making opportunities presented themselves to me! After carefully listening to Melissa and using her CD program, Discover the Power of Imagination, I feel as though I have made a tremendous leap in awareness. Melissa Zollo's work is clearly a step above anything discussed in the movie "The Secret". 
– Linda W - IBM Professional, Marietta, GA
"I would host Melissa Zollo anywhere in the world. No one else is presenting the kind of valuable information on how to change your life from within. Her powerful presence was like a miracle that dropped into my life. I am looking forward to continuing with her Discover the Power of Imagination CD program."
– Kathryn F - Nurse Practitioner, RN, MSN, FNP-C - Emory University, Atlanta, GA
"Melissa Zollo's seminar I Can Be Successful And I Will was a real eye opener. However, the mirror I face when I have a one on one consultation with Ms. Zollo is without question the moment of truth and clarity. Within minutes of listening to Ms. Zollo, multiple ideas and solutions pop into my head. If you are looking to become more creative and inventive, and make major inroads into previously challenging business areas, take advantage of Melissa Zollo's unique consultations, CD programs and seminars. Her Discover the Power of Imagination CD program is an extremely helpful tool to keep you on track."
– George S - AXA Financial. Fortune 500 Company, New York
"Melissa Zollo's, I Can Be Successful and I Will life-affirming, first rate seminar was full of excellent information for scientists as well as business professionals. Ms. Zollodemonstrates that imagination, focus, and confidence share a powerful route to success. A departure from the usual flood of self-help motivational leaders, one comes away from Zollo's presentation uplifted by a sense of self-discovery and a clear vision and appreciation for what is possible. Key academic leaders and systems thinkers from MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton will benefit from her refreshingly non-analytical integration of body, mind, spirit; knowledge of the Laws of Attraction; and her Discover the Power of Imagination audio program. 
– Professor Deborah Nightingale - Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division - Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MITBoston, MA
"I recently attended a great seminar at Circles of Wisdom by Melissa Zollo on "Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth." It was an enriching and rewarding experience. Melissa's communication skills are superb and her ability to help us understand how to apply the "success laws" of life through imaging very valuable. I intend to continue to use them in my business. I have been using Melissa's Discover the Power of Imagination audio program to hold a health image for myself after being challenged by a diagnosis of cancer this year. Two days after Melissa's seminar, I received joyous news! My biopsy report came back and it was negative...the cancer is gone! I know the daily use of Melissa's audio program was a major factor in my healing. They helped me keep a positive attitude as well as a determination to heal."
– Patrick C - Business Development Consultant, Andover, MA
“The Connecticut Holistic Health Association presented a seminar on The Power of Suggestion and healing with Melissa Zollo at Norwalk Community College. Hearing Melissa speak I realize that she has gone one step further than most. She has developed her work into an extremely focused process any one can use for healing and transformation on all levels.”
– Christine M - President of A Nu You, Inc./Alternative Therapies, Wilton, CT
“It was a pleasure to have Melissa Zollo as the speaker at the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy. Her enthusiasm, insight, skillfulness, wisdom and caring were deeply appreciated by me and the large group that attended.”
– Kenneth Porter, M.D. - President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, New York City, New York
"Imagist, Melissa Zollo helps us create a blueprint to unite the logic of the mind and the poetic consciousness of the spirit, in the move toward the positive rhythms in this dance of life. Widowed years ago, I spent much time living in the past and questioning "why go further" when it all ends. Melissa's guidance for living in the present moment opened the door to seeing opportunities and to feeling happier with a wonderful man who is now my husband. I highly recommend Melissa's Dream Your Relationship into Being workshop and her Discover the Power of Imaginationaudio program, whether you are seeking a more satisfying relationship and or a more profitable life. I cannot praise Melissa Zollo's seminars and audio programs enough."
– Diane H. J. - Mathematics teacher (recently retired) UCLA, BA Math. - University of Southern California (USC), MS (Math. Ed.) 
“Melissa Zollo is a very dynamic and eloquent speaker. She keeps her audiences captive. She thoroughly understands healing principles from personal experience. To watch her help and inspire people was simply a wonderful experience. As the owner of Fountain of Youth, I am very happy to provide my customers access to Melissa's unique audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation. This is a valuable and powerful tool which facilitates self-healing for anyone facing a health challenge. It was an honor to have Ms. Zollo, and I'd love to have her back for another seminar.!"
– John Morretti - Owner of Fountain of Youth, Westport, CT
"Three years ago my son decided he needed to separate from our family. It was a harsh surprise and very difficult, to say the least, for our whole family, since we were so very close. The anguish I felt in not knowing where he was, or how he was doing was almost unbearable. This past year I was introduced to the wonderful work of Melissa Zollo and the whole concept of creative imaging and blueprinting the Inner You. After attending a powerful seminar with Melissa in NYC I realized that I needed to change my own negative thought patterns and overcome my doubts and fears so I began to use her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation". I began to "believe and feel" that my son would return in his time. I then began to make concrete changes in my own life. I am now happy to say that my son contacted me and we have reconnected!!! I now know from personal experience that pain and sorrow can be replaced with happiness if one knows how to make the impossible possible. Melissa's work directly helped me achieve this healing and I am very grateful." This experience has had such a deep effect on me that I am willing to speak to any parent who is dealing with a similar crisis/situation about Melissa Zollo's work. I believe in it so much."
– Susan L - Licenced Physical Therapist Assistant, Lynchburg, Virginia
"Melissa Zollo's I Can Be Successful, And I Will exciting seminar, and her audio programs have given me the tools to perform more successfully, concentrate on customer service, and increase my sales. As a business woman, I have gained more possibilities for success than ever before."
– Jane C - Realtor, Tewksbury, MA
“In August  I was at the Ixtapan Spa In Mexico and met Melissa Zollo. We became friends immediately. I felt a real connection. One evening Melissa accompanied several women and myself into a festive town. Many people were celebrating, listening to music, eating, game playing and walking around. After shopping, we sat in the towns square and people watched. It was lovely. On the way back to the spa I discovered that I left my handbag along with my passport and money in it on a bench. The other women panicked. I knew Melissa's work, so I went up to her and said-- "please pray" (image its return). She closed her eyes, held my back and I felt at ease that the handbag was in safe hands. Within less than ten minutes the bag was found. Two wonderful Mexican women were sitting on a bench waiting for us to return. I believe that Melissa with her special visualization technique played a paramount role in the safe return of my handbag and most of all my peace of mind.”
– Joy Bishop - Retired International Consultant, Texas
“My name is Janis Callaway and I am a very lucky guest at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico. I have had a lot of sadness and tragedy in my life (especially in the last two years). A stressful family situation is still ongoing at home yet I left my sisters and brother to handle things while I try to regain my health. It was such a struggle for me to let go and take care of myself until I met Melissa Zollo. Without many words I felt she understood me. We soon left the breakfast table and went for a walk. Melissa has a special gift of deep inner knowing. She immediately helped me to understand how my own inner turmoil and feelings were adversely harming me. Then she got me to focus on health and life. Within an hour I felt happy, worthy, content, and willing to just ''be" in the present moment. My whole attitude about myself turned around. I changed my perception of who I am that morning, thanks to a generous, sweet, and helpful angel. I will never forget Melissa Zollo and what she taught me in a beautiful garden at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico.”
– Janis Callaway - Retired kindergarten teacher, Texas
"I want to thank you for your presentation and your intention. Both were completely successful. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Your message of power within all of us was magnificent. As a trail blazer for mankind you make it easier for people to find their way to happiness and well being. Your personal challenge has given us all the benefits of your struggle. The quote by Frank Harris (1856-1931) that I read for Dr Bernie Siegel applies to you as well. "Strong people are made by opposition like kites that go against the wind."
– Lionel Ketchian - Mr Ketchian has been the Editor-in-Chief and contributing writer for Spiritual Times magazine in 1992. He authored the book, Food for Thought, and currently writes the bi-weekly newspaper column, Be Happy Zone, for the Fairfield Citizen-News. He is President of LRK Communications, Inc. and it's division, American Litho since 1979. Founder of The Happiness Club, in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1999. He wrote The Happiness Formula and One Step Method for Happiness. He believes that happiness can change the world, one person at a time, starting with oneself.
"I attended Melissa Zollo's very informative seminar, "I Can Be Successful And I Will". Ms Zollo reinforced concepts I knew but in a much deeper way which I have immediately applied in both my personal and professional life. Her Discover the Power of Imagination audio program and seminars together give you the central and most important tools anyone in business needs to succeed."
– Denise R  - Certified Public Accountant, North Andover, MA
"Attending Melissa Zollo's Dream Your Relationship into Being seminar was an awesome experience. Melissa is a powerful and impressive presenter who helped me realize that the only way to move forward in my life is with a clear focus. Ms Zollo is a master of the 'laser focus'. I am now on my personal journey towards self-transformation and great business relationships. I highly recommend anyone in the financial field use her Discover the Power of Imagination Audio Program to create blueprints for success. I would also recommend everyone take a seminar with Melissa. I'm looking forward to the next one!"
– Charles S - Financial Investor, Haverhill, MA
"Melissa Zollo from Present Memory gave a wonderful workshop on the Art of Intentional Creation! It was informative, thorough, and to the point. Everyone who took the workshop enjoyed it and benefited from it. I would love Melissa to come back to the New Age Health Spa again."
– Laura G - Spiritual Program Coordinator, New Age Health Spa, Neversink, NY
"I was very impressed with Melissa Zollo's presentation after attending her powerful seminar, "Dream Your Relationship into Being". Melissa has a way of introducing information on how to use spiritual laws in a concise, understandable, and comprehensive way that is very accessible to people. She brings it all to the table.The seminar helped me to focus on a blueprint for health. My own health has improved since the seminar and through daily use of her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation". Anyone who is in the art or business world, should use Melissa's audio programs as they will help you create a new blueprint for great relationships, optimum health, or financial security. She inspires you to take action on your dreams."
– Georgette W - Business Manager, Newton, MA.
"Dear Melissa, It was a pleasure meeting you at the Happiness Club event. I felt a special connection to you when I first saw you. It felt like I had met you before. But we hadn't. I enjoyed what you had to say about imaging your life into health, happiness, joy, etc. I want to thank you for your audio programs. I found special comfort in listening to them especially after I lost my best friend to cancer. I didn't have the will to go on with life after she died. But after hearing all of your inspirational audio programs, they gave me the courage, strength and faith to go on again. I want to thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me and everyone who uses your Audio or CD tapes.”
– Phyllis R - Bookkeeper, Connecticut
“Melissa Zollo is a great inspiration to anyone wanting to focus on new directions to attract rewarding results. A powerful speaker, Zollo communicates how unlimited success starts in the imagination. Her Discover the Power of Imagination Audio Program is essential and invaluable. Entrepreneurs around the world will benefit from listening to Zollo in person or on her CD program.
– Sal Cummella MD - Executive Producer for Award Winning "Women for Women" Radio Show, NY, NY
"My first impression of Melissa Zollo was "wow she has a great smile" and clearly by the end of her seminar "I Can Heal Myself and Will" at Circles of Wisdom, my impression was "wow she is so completely committed to her message!". I began working with Melissa's audio program "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" a few weeks before attending the workshop. While I was making good progress with the audio program, the workshop truly helped me focus on what I desire for my life and commit to the practice of making it happen. Melissa is a great presenter who demonstrates compassion but also helps each participant understand that they are the only ones who can make their dreams come true. I will attend future workshops and I recommend this to anyone who is ready to take full control of their lives and their dreams."
– Eileen W - Holistic Health Counselor, Boxford, MA.
"I thoroughly enjoyed Melissa Zollo's seminar "I Can Heal Myself and Will"as well as her "Image First Clinic" at Circles of Wisdom and I am looking forward to attending another workshop. Melissa is an excellent presenter. She clearly knows her subject matter and has tremendous insight and an energy that is infectious. She LIVES her presentation. She helped me to fine tune a dream I have and to realize that I have the power within to make it a reality. I am in the process of using the Healing Law of Imaging and know I will succeed!"
– Tina N. G - Elementary Education Teacher, MS in Education, Play therapist with Pediatric Cancer Patients, Yale New Haven Hospital, Madison, CT
“Melissa Zollo's seminar "I Can Heal Myself and Will" and her "Image First Clinic" was a very worthwhile experience which showed me how to set a goal and live my life at a positive, higher level. As an instructor Melissa has wonderful presentation skills with a lot of energy. She was very focused and intent about having her attendees absorb the information to create a better life for themselves. She kept my undivided attention throughout the workshop. I highly recommend everyone attend her seminars."
– Nancy M - Assistant Director/Human Resources, North Andover, MA
"It was a great pleasure to have Melissa Zollo present a workshop at Circles of Wisdom. As a store owner it is exciting to find new speakers who inspire and transform my customers. Just be ready to set a date to have Melissa back again, my customers are demanding it!" 
– Cathy Levine - Owner of Circles of Wisdom Metaphysical Bookstore, Andover, MA
"I was very moved by Melissa Zollo's talk at Wild Oats. Melissa is an honest, sensitive, and genuine person who shared a very powerful experience about herself. Her message was clear...we all have the power to believe in ourselves from the inside and we can do something about it to truly heal ourselves. Everyone can benefit from her profound work. I look forward to hearing her again."
– Robert S - Licensed Psychologist, Ph.D, Andover, MA
"I found Melissa's Zollo's words and story not only inspirational, but incredibly moving. It is obvious to the listener that she truly lives and embodies all that she speaks in every moment of her life" 
– Cara M. K - Community Marketing Coordinator, Andover, MA
"Melissa Zollo's work is like nothing else! Using Melissa's audio programs and attending her recent seminar at Circles of Wisdom has changed me forever from the inside out. I am loving life and I love who I am. I can't wait till the next seminar!" 
– Kim D - Natural Living Manager, Andover, MA
"I recently heard Melissa Zollo give an inspirational talk at Wild Oats. She was articulate, powerful, and obviously has an enthusiasm for life! Melissa was like a fountain of joy, magnetic, and ultimately inspiring to me. A few days after hearing her, I was starting to feel "sick" and I imaged myself "well" during the night. The next day I was fine. Imaging works! Melissa is a great speaker with much wisdom to impart and I would love to hear her again."
– Carolyn H - Registered Nurse, Andover, MA
"I heard Melissa Zollo give a very inspirational talk at Wild Oats. Melissa is a powerful, articulate, and moving speaker."
– Susanne C - Manager, Andover, MA
"Melissa Zollo's dynamic seminar at Circles of Wisdom was absolutely powerful, captivating, and transformative. To my amazement, manifestations began to occur "out of the blue" for my business within 24 hrs! I highly recommend her CD's. They are excellent tools to help you "do" it." 
– Marilyn S - Reiki Master/Pranic Healer, Methuen, MA
"What I absolutely love about a Melissa Zollo seminar is she is so alive! Melissa pulls me in with her electric being and maintains constant consciousness."
– Roseanna Rich - CEO Indian Meadow Herbals, LLC, Eastbrook, ME
"I loved Melissa Zollo's workshop at Circles of Wisdom. The day after I attended the workshop, I was able to put her information into practice. I "imaged" meeting my son and feeling the joy (and not usual worry) of being with him. It worked. Melissa's unique gift is her ability to convey the practical means of how to "create your reality" and be successful. I was very impressed and look forward to her next seminar"
– Diane J - Math Teacher, Andover, MA
"Melissa Zollo's seminar at Circles of Wisdom was truly wonderful and packed with such valuable information! Soon afterwards, I realized that I don't have to be stuck in negative patterns with people and I have left some unhealthy relationships as a result. Once we refuse to be a victim, she reminds us that everything we need to know lies inside of us, we just need to practice applying the laws of success everyday. Melissa made me and I suspect everyone in the room feel special and important to themselves. She is truly gifted."
– Liz N - Teacher, Andover, MA
"Melissa has great energy, communicates very well and is dedicated to the healing process. Her workshop Helped me to change my way of thinking about goals. Now my goals are achievable."
– Jim Stonier - Software Engineer, Andover, MAvv
"Tell me when the next Melissa Zollo seminar is and I will be the first to sign up! I loved her workshop on Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth. I am more confident in my ability to focus on my goals thanks to Melissa. It was an awesome workshop!"
– George P - Musician, Tewksbury, MA
"Melissa Zollo is dynamic, straight forward, and demonstrated a sincere interest in all of the participants at her seminar. I love the way she presents the information and makes it so easy to understand and put into action. It has definitely changed my way of thinking. Just this past week I attracted new job opportunities and have two interviews scheduled!! I feel incredible!" 
– Debbie C - Physical Therapist, Reiki Master
"I loved Melissa Zollo's workshop on Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth. I am not the same person leaving as when I arrived. I can't wait for the next one."
– Christine H - Distributor, Pelham, NH.
"Melissa Zollo's seminar at Circles of Wisdom was excellent! great clarity and passion, she stayed on track as she presented information about how to apply the spiritual laws of success to my life. She made sure everyone in the room understood this very valuable information before leaving.
– Amanda R - Artist/Jewelry Designer, Rhode Island
"Melissa Zollo is a very inspirational and engaging speaker. I recently attended her workshop at Circles of Wisdom where she generously made sure everyone had a good understanding of the laws before they left. I applied this knowledge in my life. I imaged for tickets to a "U Two" concert. Everyone told me I would not get them but I did get them. Two days later I received my tickets and I sat right up front near the stage where I wanted to be. I now expect great results in my life. I can't wait to use Melissa's audio program for my business. I'll be at the next seminar!
– Kimberley P - Software Engineer, New Hampshire
"I was very impressed with Melissa Zollo's workshop on Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth at Circles of Wisdom. Melissa was incredibly insightful, a great communicator, and very generous with her time. Her ability to convey practical information about the laws of life was impressive."
– Cheryl M - Business Owner, Card Smart, Andover, MA
“Melissa Zollo's seminar at Circles of Wisdom was very energizing and much needed for myself. Melissa has a phenomenal gift in her ability to communicate difficult information. I fully appreciate her ability to share her gift with others."
– Lucille L - Administrator Customer Service, Haverhill, MA
"Melissa Zollo's seminar at Circles of Wisdom was very informative. Melissa helped me point my focus in a great direction for my life. I brought three people to the seminar and they are all listening, loving, and using her audio programs."
– MaryBeth S - Business Owner; Restaurant, Dracut, MA
"I attended Melissa Zollo's workshop at Circles of Wisdom on "Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth" and I loved it! She is a powerful and articulate presenter. Melissa explains the fundamentals of Spiritual Laws so well. She has an amazing ability to illustrate how one can apply them to one's life. It was an inspiring seminar and I look forward to the next one. I can't wait to use her program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation".
– Krista B - Property Manager, Haverhill, MA.
"Melissa Zollo's seminar was amazing. Melissa has an incredible ability to show you how to create a new reality for what you want in life. She explains the laws of success so well and as a result I expect to succeed in all areas of my life. I know I have more to learn and would love to hear her again!"
– Charlotte N - High School Student, Windham, New Hampshire
"I attended Melissa Zollo's "Spiritual Nutrition for Attracting Wealth" seminar at Circles of Wisdom in Andover. Melissa is truly an inspirational speaker. She made her guests active participants at the seminar. Melissa is dedicated to helping people improve and enrich their lives. I look forward to successfully implementing Melissa's imaging techniques in both my personal and professional endeavors."
– Carol P. - Director, Consulting Services, Andover, MA
"I attended Melissa Zollo's June 18 "Dream Your World Into Being" seminar in New York City and I loved it. She is eloquent, dynamic, and uplifting. Melissa's work is unique in that she gives you valuable, practical information to get from wherever you are currently "stuck" in your life to where you want to be. Melissa has an amazing ability to communicate Spiritual Laws and strategies and take you within to your own imagination. Ms Zollo's work challenges you to rise up to a higher vibration and find solutions in your life. The Present Memory "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" audio program is the tool which helps you "do it!"
– Dr. Roxanne Daleo - Ph.D.Health Psychologist for Children, Founder of MindWorks for Children, Cambridge, MA
“Melissa Zollo's presentation for the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association was inspiring, and exactly what I needed to hear. She is one of the best speakers I have ever heard! I look forward to using her "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" audio program so that I can begin to make more of my dreams come true.”
– Dawn H - Writer, Enfield, CT
"I recently heard Melissa Zollo's presentation on the "Healer Within" at the Pathways to Healing Conference at Baruch College (Nov.20, 2004). I was very inspired and energized by the talk. Melissa resonates on a high level with very positive energy. When she speaks she speaks from Truth and you know it. I was so impressed with her sincerity, desire and passion to share her very valuable information. I now use the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation CD program and find it very helpful for my life. Everyone should buy it and use it. I recommend it to my clients."
– Helen G - Holistic Health Counselor, NYC, NY
“I recently heard Melissa Zollo speak at the New Age Health Spa The moment Melissa entered the conference hall my Spirit lifted as well as the energy in the room. Thank you Melissa for touching my soul and giving me the gift to find my own voice as well as design new success blueprints for myself. You are a true inspiration!”
– Robyn M - Actress, Los Angeles, CA
"I Melissa Zollo gave a wonderful presentation at the Baruch College Multicultural Health Fair. She is a very dynamic, powerful, and articulate speaker who inspired me with her clarity about imaging. She clearly speaks from Truth and her message of Healing from Within resonated very strongly for me."
– Jan M - Actress and Film Producer, Wings of the Wind LLC, West Chester, PA
"... I attended an extraordinary seminar called "How to Awaken the Healer Within" hosted by Present Memory. Every sentence of this presentation was filled with knowledge that when applied to one’s life, would transform and revitalize one's being from disease and lack, to health and abundance! The presenter of this seminar, Melissa Zollo, is a dynamic, powerful teacher that literally captivates an audience."
– Dr. Frank Parisi, Monroeville, PA
“Melissa Zollo is an inspiring speaker with a very focused message. She has developed a method of attacking and overcoming any reasonable challenge. This can be an invaluable tool for use on either a personal or business level. The potential reward (reaching your goal) far outweighs the risk (cost of the program). I was impressed with Melissa and the results she has achieved.”
– Roy A - Retired Dun & Bradstreet Executive, Darien, CT
"Melissa Zollo's talk on the Power of Suggestion was wonderful and incredibly inspiring. She is a powerful speaker and lovely person."
– Mary O, Westport, CT
"I recognize the truth in Melissa words and I can't wait to begin the Process!"
– Lily S - Energy worker and Healer, Bridgeport, CT
"Melissa's approach to imaging your goals is intensely practical, yet spiritual in a non-sectarian way. Her Discover the Power of Imagination audio program is a bracing eye-opener into a new world of thought. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Whether you are reeling from a major crisis or merely fine-tuning a satisfying life, Melissa's workshop on relationships and imaging will deliver new insights and tools to make your world better."
– Roland Gubisch - Chief Engineer, EMC/Telecom - Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc., Boxborough, MA - Northwestern Univ., BSEE. - Cambridge University (England), PhD. Physiol.
"Melissa Zollo is a dynamic and passionate speaker who helped me revitalize my own passion for my work and enabled me to better assist my patients in holding a vision of themselves in health and overall well-being."
– Merry Gerard, M. Ac. - Faculty Chairperson for the Five Element Acupuncture School, Hallandale, Florida
"Melissa Zollo is an excellent speaker and presenter. I really enjoyed her talk for the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. She is a light that people are drawn to. Everyone can learn from her as she really brings out the positive energy in people. "Melissa is a magnet and obviously speaks from experience. I highly recommend her."
– Beth B - President of Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, Danbury, CT
“Melissa Zollo is absolutely outstanding!!!!! This was a phenomenal way to start the year. The members of NY SOCAP were extremely pleased with the program thanks to you.”
– Rich Palombo - President, New York Metro Chapter Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals
"Melissa is speaking what I know to be internally true. Everything I have studied about healing and all the seminars I have ever taken in the last 30 years are all summed up in her talk. I just ate it up."
– Margaret B. - Experienced Healer and Spiritual Dowser - Holistic Piano and Music Therapist, Darien, CT
"Melissa Zollo's presentations are positive, deep, yet gracefully accessible to the audience. Her focus on the present echoes a long tradition of mystic and transcendental thought. But Melissa's unique talent amplifies those echoes in a dimension that is practical, realistic, free of "baggage" which historically surrounded present moment thought. Her pedagogy is clear, consistent and emphasizes personal potential and responsibility for creating the dream here on earth."
– Ellen M. - Herbal Educator, Bridgeport, CT
“I loved Melissa Zollo's presentation on the Power of Suggestion in Healing. I sat in my chair nodding my head and feverishly taking notes. I found her to be insightful, wise and inspiring. I arrived at the presentation a little down as I was feeling stressed about a major decision I was trying to make. After listening to Melissa I became very clear about what I wanted to do and my decision was easily made. I am grateful I had the opportunity to listen to this excellent presenter!”
– Susan L - Professional Organizer, Milford, CT
"Melissa Zollo's talk on the Power of Suggestion showed how very knowledgeable she is on her subject. She exhibits a strong desire to share what she knows with others."
– Barbara H L - Author "Your Body Believes Every Word You Say"
“Melissa Zollo's seminar on healing helped me to capture the feeling of my dream of perfect health and creative vitality.”
– Anne Flaxman - Teacher and Author of Fearless Memoir Writing, Shelton, CT
“I was raised in the church. In fact most of my early childhood was spent going to church or leaving the church. I was taught to believe in a white God sitting somewhere in the heavens looking down on me and others. This was the God I was taught to turn to and I dared not question him or those who threw him into my life.
Every Sunday morning my mother or aunts would give me and my cousin a nickel or dime to put into the Sunday school's collection plate. Every Sunday on my way to church I would stop at the "sweet shop" and buy cookies and candy and walk into church filled with fear that God would strike me down for stealing his money. And then I would pray for forgiveness.
I have spent most of my life praying for forgiveness for one thing or another until August 1955. The day the mutilated body of Emmett Till, a fourteen year old Black Chicago youth was pulled from Mississippi's Tallahatchie river. He had been abducted, severely beaten and finally thrown into the river with a weight fastened around his neck with barbed wire. Up and until an eight grader was brutalized and killed for allegedly whistling at a white woman, I had asked for forgiveness. The nation was horrified and shocked that such a heinous crime could occur in "enlightened mid-twentieth century America."
I was 11 years old when God died; when I lost faith in everything, when I discovered that there was no one to hold me. I left the church in spirit never to return again. I no longer needed God's forgiveness. I needed justice, I needed the freedom promised. Like God both have eluded me and so I continued to search for a "belief", for a "power" that will make things right.
I thought I had found it during the "New Age" Spiritual Movement of the 70's. It was so promising and convincing, a crystal here, a psychic there, re-birthing, etc. You name it, I did it and spent lots of money doing it but still no results. I forgave myself. I forgave men who had used me, and friends who I thought had betrayed me. I gave up whining about conditions and worked my ass off trying to change me first. Always me first. Very little changed in my life except my living space became crowded with every new age book or tape that was released.
Four years ago I was walking out of a pizza shop when I tripped injuring my back. The organization that I had founded to provide social service to incarcerated mothers, their children and extended family members folded. I could no longer work for my community or take care of myself. For over 13 months I lingered in bed, pained and deeply depressed wondering what had I done wrong to deserve this. I had plenty of time to blame myself and to live in regret. Just as I had left the church many years ago I found myself having to leave the new age movement.
One day I ran across a brochure with an announcement about a seminar, "How to Attract Money", being presented by Melissa Zollo. I tossed it aside. Never heard of her. But something inside of me sent me back to the brief course description and I decided I would give it a try-- just one more time.
I was leery as I entered the class but I was open to hearing. After 15 minutes into Melissa's lecture I felt, "this might be about something." So I sat all ears and really paid close attention. I heard her and I felt her. She was without question different than all the rest I'd encountered. Rooted in appreciation for diverse thinking and belief systems, class and political orientation she moved to give "just the facts". No dance and pony show. Just facts. I liked that.
I am a grown woman with a personal and people's history. I was not in search of a leader but a prosperity teacher who would teach "just the facts". "I got it". I am using it and I am seeing results more and more each day.
When I heard about the Health Fair at Baruch College I didn't plan to attend. When I heard Melissa was teaching - I knew I had to be there. The atmosphere at the Health Fair was to my surprise very pleasant. The people were polite and helpful as they filled the hallways. Good vibrations all around and I felt relaxed.
I was unable to attend the panel discussion that Melissa participated in. It filled up quickly and there was a line outside waiting to get in. The success of this panel discussion was told in the comments that I overheard as people left the class with one word on their lip, "Melissa." I saw two old friends, one friend, an African-American woman, lawyer, said she'd asked Melissa a question. She was amazed by the insight and respect given in reply. It was clear to her that Melissa is the type of teacher that can work with an African-American group, especially those involved in progressive politics.
When you speak the truth and deal with "facts" this is possible. Avoiding personality and cultural trapping she breaks it down. I got the opportunity to attend her workshop on "the Inner Healer." As I recall the power of this workshop and the response of the people, I recall an old southern saying when someone does something outstanding, "Well, do Jesus." It was just that powerful. There was a buzz all around and since that class I have talked with a few people who were helped by Melissa's teaching, her delivery and most of all her "no nonsense" approach. I am working with Melissa's "Discover the Power of Imagination and Art of Intentional Creation" audio program as I move towards liberation. It is with great love and compassion that I welcome her into my world.”
– Mae Jackson - Director of Art Without Walls
"Having a great foundation in the body of work from Science of Mind, Abrahman Hicks, and also Landmark, I was very impressed with the unique work of Melissa Zollo after attending one of her "Image First Clinics". I have taken many courses, seminars, and read a variety of books on spiritual self-development over the years, and Melissa is the only one who is training people to focus on and "apply" spiritual law to their lives. Melissa's articulation of the laws is like gold, as she is so well spoken and direct on how to use them to manifest successful results. Melissa not only gives you the blueprint to change your life, but she gives you the tools or "hammer and nails" to apply it with her self-help audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation". Nobody is doing what Melissa Zollo does and I would urge everyone to use her CD's and come to her seminars! "
– Kathryn Martin - Former Staff of Landmark Education Corporation - Professional Organizer, Tucker, GA
"Every week I attended Melissa Zollo's phenomenal Image First Clinic I felt as if my soul were being washed clean. I now have a deep sense of peace, joy, and increased self-confidence about myself and my life. If you are in business or building a professional clientele, invest in a Melissa Zollo workshop and you will learn how to attract the success you desire. Since I began to use the Present Memory audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation, I have been manifesting wonderful results everyday in both my personal and professional life. It is a valuable tool that assists me to stay focused on goals and rebuild beliefs."
– Bethe Halligan - Speech Language Pathologist M.S., New York City, New York
"Melissa Zollo taught me that the Healer is Within. I have opened my mind and begun to focus on the limitless possibilities for achieving vibrant health. Attending her Image First 2006 Summer Clinic and using her "Discover the Power of Imagination " has given me powerful tools and information to actualize a health blueprint. Anyone with a serious health challenge should attend her Clinics. There is nothing like them."
– Toni H - Designer, New York City, NY
“Dear Melissa,
I want to thank you so much for coming to my club act! It meant so much to me that you were there. I am truly starting to feel my new belief come alive and it is wonderful! I realize that the more I believe that singing is my life's mission, the more things happen for me. I didn't understand that anything you want can really come true until I let myself go, used what I learned in your Image First workshop, and just did it! I feel that this is the path I was supposed to be on and its just amazing! Bookings are coming in. I want to take everything in so that I become the best singer that I can be! Thanks again for coming to my show at teh Bottom Line! You really are the best!”
– Kailin Garrity - Singer
"I attended Melissa's IMAGE FIRST CLINIC and immediately noticed an increase in sales. However, after several weeks passed my focus wandered to other things and my sales went back down. I decided to return to the TUNE UP and get recharged and refocused on my success blueprint again. The day after Melissa's "tune up" my sales went right back up! I am so grateful for her workshops and the fact that she shares her gifts with others. Her presentations are awesome. Melissa helps people become aware of their feelings and how to use them to be fully alive."
– Donna Y - Realtor, Norwalk, CT
"Attending Melissa Zollo's Image First Clinic was an eye opener for me. I was very impressed by Melissa's authenticity, high energy, and the degree to which she could focus on each person to assist them. I was very moved by the positive changes I witnessed in people as well as myself. Ms Zollo is a superb communicator and always present. I would recommend her workshops to anyone and I look forward to the next one."
– Paula B - Executive Trainer, NYC, NY
"The most important thing I learned from Melissa Zollo's Image First Clinic is that my thoughts create my reality. Attending the seminar helped me understand the phrase, KNOW THYSELF. I realize that I can have control over my present thoughts and feelings and as they conform to happiness, self-acceptance and success, manifestation of my dreams follow. Melissa inspired me to have more compassion for myself. If you are feeling stuck in your life come hear Melissa speak. She'll give you the tools (Discover the Power of Imagination audio program) to dissolve blocks so that you move beyond any self-imposed opposition."
– Jerald R - Interior Designer, NYC, NY
 “Melissa Zollo is an extraordinary woman and a powerful presenter. I love her; I love her work. She introduces a new approach to transformation that is simple and also profound. Attending her Image First Clinic was a joy. I feel a new sense of inner peace and deep hope as a result of participating in the workshop. The Clinic prepared me for a wonderful consult with Melissa during which I gained the insight and clarity. I saw how I had created barriers to having my own hopes and dreams. Now, I make different choices. I highly recommend her beautiful audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination. And if possible, find a way to be in a workshop, listen to her radio shows, and, best of all, seek her out for a private consultation. Thank you, Melissa.
– Alice K - Realtor, North Bergen, NJ
"Melissa Zollo's Image First Summer Clinic was a tremendous learning experience for me. Melissa shows you how to achieve your goals by changing the way you image, think and feel about yourself. I came away with a definite change in my self-perception. I feel much more integrated, powerful, and joyful. I am amazed at how easy it is to discipline myself to use the Present Memory Discover the Power of Imagination CD program everyday. I love applying "solution based thinking" and Melissa's mind focusing techniques to my life. Within 4 weeks I have begun to attract great results. "
– Dena A - Retired teacher, North Bergen, NJ
"I loved Melissa Zollo's Image First Summer Clinic. Melissa carefully explained that the difference between those who succeed and those who don't is determined by one thing -- the way we think and feel. Participating in this workshop has changed mefrom a spectator into a woman who is motivated and focused on the realization of goals. The Clinic illuminated my need to let go of old emotional debts and mental habits that held me back. The Present Memory audio program Discover the Power of Imagination is the tool to dissolve the blocks that are standing between you and your dreams. I highly recommend anyone in the Arts and the Publishing field to take a workshop with Melissa Zollo."
– Rachel P - Author, Bridgeport, CT
"After attending Melissa Zollo's awesome Image First Clinic, I feel more confident and powerful in my own abilities as a performer/singer than ever before! new opportunities to succeed and doors are opening up for me. Within 3 months I have created many opportunities. Doors are opening for me. I am heading out on on the road! If you are an out of work performer sign up for Melissa's workshops and use herPower of Imagination audio program. They work! "
– Kailin Garrity - Professional Singer, Madison, CT
"Melissa Zollo's Image First Clinic was an amazing opportunity for me to rekindle my dream to be the artist I truly am. Melissa taught me how to apply spiritual laws to my life in a very focused, clear, and practical way. This aided me to be more conscious and confident in myself. The Present Memory audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination is a wonderful tool that everyone should use. Melissa Zollo is an excellent workshop presenter and I look forward to the next Image First Clinic."
– Blanche G - Project Manager of Package Development Cosmetic and Hair Care Industry, NYC, NY
"I have been to many seminars over the years but have never experienced anything like the power of Melissa Zollo's Image First Clinic. Attending her workshop and then doing a personal consultation with Melissa was like being given a diamond! My heart opened up as she clarified information needed to help me design a new mental blueprint so that I could move forward in my life. Melissa's impressive Discover the Power of Imagination audio program is an invaluable tool I use everyday to focus and live my life with joy."
– Eleni S - Lighting Designer, NYC, NY
"I rushed back from Italy and went directly from the airport to participate in Melissa Zollo's Image First 2006 Summer Clinic. I didn't want to miss a single session of such an extremely valuable and rewarding experience, which has positively impacted both my personal relationships and business life. If you are in business and want to learn how to create a 'force field' that attracts everything you need to realize your goals and how to become more successful, positive and optimistic in your life please avail yourself of Melissa Zollo's workshops. Also, The Present Memory Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Attract Money audio programs are contemporary and important tools to help anyone in business build excellent customer relationships, perform more successfully, focus on service excellence, increase sales, and most importantly strengthen an inner sense of well being and happiness."
– Brian J - Owner of Imports and Distribution of European Kitchen and Home Furnishings, NYC, NY
"Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic" taught me the Art of Deep Listening and how to focus on solutions in a way I have never experienced before. Melissa is a dynamic, passionate speaker and an excellent communicator of “new thought ideas”. As a result of participating in this clinic my confidence has grown as well as my ability to concentrate. I am now more capable of designing successful healing blueprints for myself and others. I love the Present Memory audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" and use it everyday.As a nurse, I would highly recommend anyone in the health professional field to attend one of Melissa's Clinics. Doctors, nurses, and patients can benefit from using Melissa's healing work. Her presentations are invaluable, dynamic, and inspirational."
– Diane H - Registered Nurse, Paterson, NJ
"I attended Melissa Zollo's Image First Tune-Up and I loved it. Melissa helped me to understand that we all struggle with built-in barriers that restrict our potential for a wonderful relationship or marriage. Within hours I understood how to reconnect with my wonderful husband by reinforcing my belief in myself. The workshop showed me how to use her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination" in a way that supports my truest goals."
– R. B. B. - New York City, New York
"Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic" was life changing for me. It inspired me so much. In this exciting seminar, I learned about the obstacles/beliefs that have been in my way and most importantly, successful strategies to change myself from the inside out (with the aid of a new success blueprint). I highly recommend the “Discover the Power of Imagination” audio program to all professionals in the field of psychotherapy and suggest they attend a seminar or clinic with Melissa."
– Sherryl B - Life Coach, Psychotherapist L.M.S.W, New York City, New York
"Melissa Zollo's "Image First" Clinic was a very valuable workshop. It helped me to create a positive blueprint for every aspect of my life. Since taking the workshop and using her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation", I am more focused and I have reinvigorated my business.Melissa helped me to understand that many of my problems stemmed from an incorrect use of energy. She supported my efforts as I cleared away some deeply rooted negative beliefs about myself. The clinic helped me to move beyond turbulent thoughts and obstacles in my mind. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to apply the Universal Laws of Life to attract an ideal partner or increase their financial success to participate in the next Image First Clinic with Melissa!"
– Pam A - Financial Planner, NYC, NY
"After taking Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic" I felt like my real self again! I found the information about designing a new mental blueprint and self-image very valuable. Melissa's own personal stories and those of others inspired me to expand my own awareness and get in touch with my deeper self. Melissa's seminars and self-help audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" helped me during a difficult transition in my life. Now I feel more confident and in the "present moment" everyday. As a psychologist, I definitely recommend others in the profession to attend Melissa's workshops. She can help them understand how important it is to focus from the solution and not the problem. They in turn can help their clients to do the same. I am very grateful for Ms Zollo's body of work."
– Jean B - Psychologist, Ph. D, New York, New York
"I loved Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic"! During the course of the Clinic I manifested the dream of my life. It is with great gratitude and joy that I can announce I am pregnant! The whole experience of listening to Melissa was beautiful and brought me to a much higher level of understanding the Art of Manifestation. This powerful workshop further deepened my ability to use her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation", the right way. I got into the feeling of being pregnant, safe, and protected and results followed. My relationship with my husband has been enriched by my experience with Melissa's work. I would highly recommend any couple challenged with the issue of fertility to attend Melissa's Clinic or any workshop that she gives."
– Barbara V - Electronic Engineer/Child Development Educator, NYC, NY
"Having used Melissa Zollo's "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" first and then attending an "Image First" workshop with Melissa was an eye-opener! Her audio program is a powerful tool to help every person reach within themselves to manifest their life's dream. I went to the workshop not quite knowing what to expect and 6 hours later came out knowing what I had to do to effect my transformation. I am a member of the local BNI Chapter (Business Networking International) and I highly recommend this audio program to everyone looking to grow their business! I am looking forward to creating greater and greater success in my life as I work with this wonderful program! Thank you Melissa! "
– Karen M - Reliv Distributor
"I am a different person because of attending Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic." Her powerful presentation helped me to be aware of how I think. I am starting to honor myself in a different way. She helped me to constantly question my resistance and I am totally committed to this work. Melissa is a wonderful speaker and a great teacher of valuable information. After taking the class with her, it was easier to use her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" and create a new blueprint for myself. If you are in Business or the Arts to take a clinic with Melissa. Your mind will expand!"
– Jerald R - Interior Designer, NYC, NY
"I loved Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic" and found her to be an amazing speaker and powerful woman. She is a very special person who is able to explain an old message (imaging) in a new way and make it clear to me. As a result of my newfound clarity my relationship with my husband has improved. Her audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" is a powerful and very valuable tool. I highly recommend anyone in business who wants to increase sales to attend a clinic with Melissa! It was a pleasure working with her."
– Ofra G - Antiques Business Owner, Great Neck, NY
"Melissa is an inspirational and powerful speaker. In her "Image First Clinic", Melissa Zollo went above, beyond, and deeper than any previous experience I have had with her. She concretely helped me identify my own patterns and clarified the ways in which I can move beyond my own resistance. As a professional singer, I find the audio programs essential and the workshop important to my growth and well being.
– Paula L - Professional Singer, NYC, NY
"Attending Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic" was an incredible experience for me!Melissa brought all the pieces together on "how to image and remain focused on a success blueprint". Melissa is a succinct, engaging, and fantastic presenter who has a brilliant way of illustrating her points. She helped me to tap into my own courage and move beyond limitations of the mind. My business has increased as a result of using “Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation"."
– Donna Y - Realtor, Norwalk, CT
"I attended an "Image First Clinic" with Melissa Zollo. I gained a much better understanding of how to apply Spiritual Principles to all areas of my life. Melissa understands how the Laws of Life operate and the process of self-transformation so well. She speaks from personal experience. She is focused, patient, and supplies you with the tools to help you move beyond your own mental boundaries until you "get it for yourself"! I found participating in the Present Memory Clinic of significant value. I highly recommend any serious seeker (no matter profession) to attend a Melissa Zollo presentation as well as use her "Discover the Power of Imagination audio program."
– Luis N - Director of a Community Development Agency, NYC, NY
Dear Melissa,
I AM MANIFESTING!!! I am so excited. I had to tell you!!! I really appreciate your support and guidance, and I thank you for recognizing the courage inside of me. I feel it within myself and I am happy that you can witness it as well. Thank you for giving me the tools to discover my truth. I believe that I manifested you in my life to help me overcome my resistance. You have taught me the way and now I am blessed. Thank you so much Melissa. It was an amazing seminar.
– Lauren P - College Student
"I am so grateful I attended Melissa Zollo's "Image First Clinic". Melissa is a great presenter, excellent communicator, and very powerful speaker. Her presence helped me to remind myself that I too am powerful. I am so much more conscious of my feelings, thoughts, and inner self-talk. After each session I found it easier to use Melissa's audio program, "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" to focus on my desires. I recommend the clinic to anyone who seriously wants to create a success blueprint in their life.!"
– Manuel A - Hospital Security guard, Bridgeport, CT
"I loved Melissa Zollo's Image First Clinic! I traveled from Massachusetts to New York in the dead of winter to hear her speak and may I tell you that it was well worth my effort. While participating in the clinic, the impossible became possible in my life. After going through several lawyers and hitting many walls, I committed to a new image, captured the feeling of being safe, secure, protected and grateful and I got results. I received a partial settlement from a former business partner. Melissa is gifted. Her determination to help me identify my own resistance and move beyond it opened the door to a wonderful manifestation. This experience was very impressive.Melissa Zollo walks her talk. She is an inspiration to anyone who is use to backing down because of habit or previous wounds or conditioning. I highly recommend Melissa's Clinic and the"Discover the Power of Imagination CD program."
– Betsey Beaven - Co-Author, The Political Palate, Second Seasonal Political Palate, The Perennial Political Palate, Addendum
"Excellent seminar. I have been manifesting in many areas of my life. I am keeping a "list" so that I don't forget and take them for granted."
– Penny R, Brooklyn, New York
"The clinic showed me exactly how deep Melissa's work really is. As a result, I have had a major shift in my consciousness. I am now focused on exploring the best me that I can be."
– Dawn C - Mother of three wonderful children
“I attended Melissa Zollo's "Image First" Tune-up Clinic on April 1st, 2006 to reaffirm my new blueprint of safely delivering my beautiful and healthy twins! Melissa personally worked with me. As a result, my ability to concentrate and refocus my attention to this healthy outcome greatly improved. I embraced my babies. I held and caressed them all the while feeling safe and protected. I am filled with gratitude and joy for this experience. I continue to use Melissa's Audio Program "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation" everyday. The way this audio program is designed is unique. It keeps me in a grateful state of being. Irecommend the Image First Workshop to everyone who wants to learn how thoughts form our perceptions, our sense of meaning and influence our daily actions.”
– Barbara J - Educator, New York, New York
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