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★★★★★ - 5 Star Rating

I had an Energy Balancing and Healing Sound session with Melissa Zollo last night. I arrived at Melissa's with a stress level of 10 due to a specific stress-related issue (I won't mention that issue but it starts with a W and ends with H) 

The Energy Balancing and Healing Sound session helped me to focus on an intention and tap into the importance of listening to my body. My awareness level increased as well regarding the importance of drinking water (4-6 glasses per, coffee doesn't count) to learning about ear rolling/(massage). 

I enjoyed all the sound instruments but especially liked the feeling of the Sound Bowls. The session reminded me of acupuncture without the needles, in that it got stuck energy to move and balance. I felt calmer, more relaxed, lighter and more aware of my thoughts by the end of the session.

Melissa's session was hand-tailored to my needs, in that she didn't perform any procedure that my body didn't request. She paid attention to not only what I said in the session, but how my body responded to sound and vibration.

- Roger Braimon, Artist/Designer, President of Westbeth Artists Residents Council
New York, New York


I was very tired before my session with Melissa Zollo began. I really did not know what to expect and  Melissa and assured me that the work would not be intrusive clearly explaining everything that she would do. This was reassuring.

The session included sound and energy work. I was blocked, holding feelings and thoughts. Melissa always asked if she could touch me and when Melissa touched areas that were stuck, I was able to release. Again, her lovely voice kept reassuring me that it was ok to let go, to be able to find more flow throughout my body. Her hands are strong and confident, never going deeper than what was comfortable and yet releasing.

When we finished the session, I left more grounded, and with more energy which contributed to my being more present; these are the elements that I teach as a basis of my own work and I experienced a kinship with Melissa.

Melissa’s work is wonderful. I highly recommend a private session of Thought Field, Emotional Energetic/Sound Balancing with Melissa.

- Nancy Gabor, Director/ Acting Teacher Director

New York, New York


I had my first Thought Field, Emotional and Energetic/Sound Balancing session with Melissa Zollo last night. Within twenty minutes my awareness level increased regarding the relationship between my stress, choice of words I use, how I perceive events and my body. It amazed me to see how my body reacts when my emotions are upset and I am feeling overwhelmed by obligations to others

Melissa took her time explaining everything so I felt fully invested in the experience. She showed me how my words and thoughts have an energy frequency and  I  began to realize that how I label my experiences becomes my experience. What amazed me more is that when I set an intention, changed the ideas, words and perceptions to something more empowering I dropped the stressful burden. The stress  began to melt  away and I relaxed. I felt so much better. The second half of my session was a sound bath. I really loved the singing bowls and the gong. As the sounds drifted over me I stopped bracing, my shoulders dropped, I felt my heart rate calm down. I began to breathe easier and deeper  and relax. When iit was over my first words were "this was great, really great.

This session showed me that I need to  look at my priorities, collect my thoughts, stop being so busy all the time, acknowledge myself, after all  I am doing and giving my best. I need to listen to my body and  stop and smell the roses.   I came in with a stress level of 8 and left completely calm. It was gone! I plan to go back for a follow up session.

- Samantha Hall, Publicity, Westbeth Artists Residents Council

New York, New York


I chose to have an early session (1 on 1) to experience Emotional and Energetic Balancing and Vibrational Sound led by Melissa Zollo as it will soon be offered in my building. Due to recent anxieties related to sale of my family home I arrived weighted down by an estimated stress level of 8 on scale of 1 to 10. Session began with series of exercises to determine focus of areas within me most affected by stress thus increasing my own awareness. As session progressed I became more aware f how blocked my body felt. It was a learning experience and I felt a confidence in Melissa’s calm, non-controlling guidance. As I experienced my own ability to listen to the wisdom of my body, thru Melissa’s guidance I relaxed my breathing and began to feel a calm, peaceful existence. The Sound Balancing part of the session was wonderful evidenced by my deeper, fuller breaths. I was further relaxed by the singing bowls and vibrational tones which swept through my physical being and in harmony with my subjective mind. I melted into the table on which I lay. An especially used gong created a vibration so strong and seemed most therapeutic in this session. By end of session I remarked feeling like a ‘wet noodle’, so relaxed, so alive, so grateful.

Melissa Zollo has a natural gift of helping people feel better no matter their age, condition or stress level. Her confidence and professional manner makes one feel safe as you are guided through a stress relieving experience. I look forward to the class she will be offering and encourage others to participate.

- Susan Binet, New York, New York

"I didn't know what to expect, beyond an array of captivating sounds to experience. I arrived at Ms.Zollo's studio 722 for my session. I had spoken prior with Ms.Zollo about some goals that I had, in general, and for the session, But on arrival, I noticed that I was disturbed and distracted by an experience that had just come up. My stress level was quite high: about a 9. Normally, I wouldn't be so bold as to introduce or even notice the uncomfortable feeling that I had. But somehow I felt comfortable in mentioning this to Ms. Zollo and the session became about 'clearing' the recent experience. I found this to be exactly the kind of healthy flexibility to change directions that a truly dedicated healer or facilitator uses! Ms. Zollo's perception of where I was when I arrived was spot on! She explained exactly why and what she was doing at every stage, with different sounds and directions and insights. She was clearing and re-balancing my energy levels and what an incredible difference, when it was over! I could clearly see the situation for what it actually was, and I felt safe and 'whole' and that I had my own power back and could release the "story" line of distress. It was a major shift in my mood, my focus and seemed to release a great, connected energy force in me which had a positive effect on all my endeavors. I left the session feeling focused, empowered, energized, calm, yet excited and full of zest for living!"

– Eve Zanni - Vocal Artist, Composer, Author - Westbeth Center for the Arts, NYC

"I just finished my session with Melissa Zollo at Studio 722. I have to say that it was more than I expected. When I arrived my body was shutting down. My stomach was really tight and my legs were hurting and aching. I was in a low state of mind and all I could think was, "I hope this works!" Melissa greeted me with a calm presence. She proceeded to tell me that we were going to do Energy testing and Energy Balancing. That means she would test the flow of my energy through my meridians based on my intention/goal. I didn’t know what that meant but once we started, I saw and felt where my body was shut down. It was amazing to discover that out of the 14 meridians tested, my body only had two meridians that were flowing properly. It was just amazing to go through the energy testing and realize that my body was so out of tune with proper energy flow. Melissa included me in the process and asked me questions but I couldn’t even answer her. My mind was blank. I wasn’t connected to my body. It was just so amazing! This one session helped me realize that I so angry at myself and my body for not doing the things I want to do. There were several areas where I could feel my body was locked and blocked. One thing that really stood out for me was how much grief I am repressing. Oh my gosh it was so intense to see what I am holding on to. I realized that I have not dealt with a lot of grief in my life. This helped me realize that I did not love or thank my body for what it has done, support me. I also realized I needed to apologize to my body for not protecting it and being safe. So many realizations in just one session!

Melissa Zollo truly is wonderful! Melissa has the abilities to see what areas need the most work. Melissa is calm and very caring with what she does. If there are questions she will gladly explain. Many times she answers the question even before you ask it. I look forward for my next session at Studio 722 with Melissa!"

– Faycel - Retail Manager, New York City


I have just completed my first Energy Balancing & Vibrational Sound session with Melissa Zollo. It was an extraordinary experience! At the session's end I felt a deep sense of peace, as well as a growing gratitude to Melissa.

It is impossible to quantify what she has given me today. All I can say is that I am extremely grateful. When asked what my body felt at the end of the session, all I could say was "More". I am looking forward to experiencing more of this approach to healing.

As for the sounds and instruments, I liked them all but the singing bowls evoked my biggest response. Melissa uses them directly on the body-- a totally new experience for me. I want to continue with this work, and will definitely return.

I highly recommend Melissa Zollo to all those who are interested in exploring Energy Balancing and Vibrational Sound therapy. She is an amazingly dedicated practitioner.

- Madeleine Yayodele Nelson - Educator, Performing Artist, Musician

"I went to Melissa for sound healing not knowing anything about this type of healing. The spoken word, the affirmations proceeded out of my mouth. Thus, the healing began... vibrations of words went forth mixing with the vibrations of the gongs, bells.. solidifying the affirmations... intertwining together, going out into the Universe...the vibrations of the gong penetrated my soul... I started to vibrate differently. I found myself in another galaxy. I left there changed. Thank you Melissa you are truly a gifted healer!"

– Janice "Ashra" Guilford

“I arrived at Melissa's irritated due to an experience with a doctor regarding a water treatment that left my good hearing ear impaired. My stress level was at a 9. In the first ten minutes I realized that I was angry, hurt, feeling my trust in the doctor had been betrayed and I had a fear of hearing loss in my good ear. Melissa spoke about setting an intention for our session. My immediate intention for the sound session was to hear something as well as reduce my stress level. I wanted to feel calm and relieved. Then this happened during the session. I suddenly heard tingling sounds in my deaf ear. Yes, I heard tinging sounds! Upon awakening from the sound immersion session my eyes saw the Empire State Building. I sat there realizing the outer and inner vastness of the universe and felt myself reconnected to myself and life. There are worlds within worlds and I am connected to all. I feel the flow of harmony. My stress level is down to a 2. I feel calm, relieved and content. The Vibrational Re-patterning session with Melissa is a calm energetic experience. It took me away from the issue. I now realize this inner place is always here. This is the key! The session was intriguing on many levels. It was very nice. It led me to calm.”

– Stan S. Westbeth Artist - Composer, Songwriter, New York


"THIS WAS GREAT. WOW! When I walked into my session, my stress was at a 9 and my anxiety level was at a 10. Melissa is very caring, open and intuitive about energies, even energies I wasn't aware of. She helped me see where I was vibrating without ever being threatening. While discussing my goal for the session, Melissa gently kept bringing my attention back to my self- talk. It was clear that it was going in a negative direction. She really helped me because I wasn't aware of what I was saying or doing.

Also, before the sound immersion session began, she helped me set an intention which was to be gainfully and happily employed. And while she played the singing bowls I kept focusing on my intention of being gainfully employed. I saw money flowing in as well as all of my investments paying me generous dividends. Amazing experience! By the end of the session I felt / feel energized but I am relaxed. I feel more confident being present now. Thinking back I really love the bowls on my heart area and stomach. I felt supported. The third eye was a good point too. That was an uplifting feeling. I know that something was cleansing out from my head. Again my experience with Melissa Zollo and her Sound Immersion session was great.

P.S. It has been three days and opportunities are coming to me."

– Will Turner - Web Solutions Consultan


"Wonderful! It was wonderful! On arrival my stress level was at a nine and a half and by the end of the session it was totally not there!. I am totally relaxed. I loved the heaviness of the bowl on my heart center. While it was there I saw subtle colors. I kept seeing subtle colors of white, pinks and green. What completely changed for me besides the stress disappearing is that I totally have a deep sense of feeling safe. I feel completely comforted and focused. I went home and rested. A bit later I had a surge of energy and clarity. I took care of some things with ease that needed to be done. I moved with the sensation of moving through water with fluidity.

Thank you!"

– Debra Rapoport, Visual Artist - Westbeth Artist, NYC, NY


“I am writing to express how wonderful my experience was/is (I am still feeling your energy) with regard to the sound vibration session. Your intake was very informative and clearly accurate. I appreciate the time you took to demonstrate each sound and then explain how every instrument & tool would or would not be used. YOU are a MASTER gifted practitioner and calibrate at a superior vibration.”

– DeniseMarie - Fitness and Well Being Professional, New York City


“Melissa’s playing was amazing! One instrument flowed seamlessly into the next. I was always feeling continuous vibrations! Melissa has the innate ability to pick the instruments that worked best for me!”

– R. W. - Luxury Sales, New York


"When I walked into the studio I didn't think I was stressed. I also wasn't sure I believed that by listening to sounds something could happen in me as I listen to music all the time. By the end of my session with Melissa, I felt like something had washed off of me. I knew I let go of anxiety which as I write this amazes me because I didn't "think" I felt anxious at the start. Humm what does that say! Is it possible that her Ocean Drum really washed me clean! I plan to come back. Melissa Zollo is a gifted woman who is always exploring the edge of conventional thinking."

– Sandra A - Actress, NYC

"If you are like me and have a long week at work or are going through a difficult time with relationships, or finances or other kinds of struggles, book a one on one sound bath with Melissa. Sound baths can alleviate some of your stress and anxieties."

– Peter S - Lighting designer, NYC


“It's fascinating how much we like to hide our pain. It takes courage to heal and go beyond the depths of our suffering. The sound of the gong and singing bowls can heal the pain and trauma. At least that is what a one on one sound bath with Melissa twice a month is doing for me".

– Angela - Office Manager, New Jersey


“WOW! simply WOW! Melissa took such time and gentle guidance with me to prepare me for the experience. This was the first time I have done this type of sound healing work. Even though I have been meditating for over 40 years. It is 10 hours later and I can still close my eyes and let the sound be present. There was this one instrument, the ocean drum, that I really deeply connected to and that is where I have gone every time the day has tried to give me a toss off from this place of balance that she brought me to today. A habit I have had for years is pulling my feet behind me. Every time the habit tries to pull me down, without thinking I put them right out at a 90 degree angle, where they belong. I have felt open and strong all the right place...happy. Life is a banquet and I've got an empty plate to fill as I wish. No fear. When I go so deep it is hard to have words about a place that doesn't contain verbal language. Today I have felt as if I was moving and working and communicating from that place. Not talking about my experience, but living from my experience. I am very grateful for today! Thank you Melissa! I truly appreciate you from that very deep place... with love”.

– Rachel - Real Estate Agent, NYC


“I FELT THE LIGHT. I SAW LIGHT. I felt it fill every cell in my body. I could see it moving down my spine. I felt calm, whole and that my body was in harmony with itself -- not fighting, no more autoimmune imbalances. When you were trying to wake me up I couldn't wake up. Thank you for letting me stay IN THE LIGHT. Thanks so much.”

– Mary Ann V - Dancer, Brooklyn


"Being in the session with Melissa was non- threatening. Melissa explained what she was going to do and asked if I had any questions. Melissa again made sure I was comfortable and any resistance thoughts that I may have had about the session quieted down. I was open to what might come up in the session. During the session, Melissa's voice was calm and soothing. I felt safe during our session. Hearing and feeling the different sounds and vibrations was a new way of healing for me. I am excited for the next sound healing session!"

– Rusty L - Web Development, NYC


"I had pressure in my head when I arrived and if I didn't have this appointment I would have gone to bed. I had a feeling of something pushing down on me/Pressure/Stress. And it was gone after my session with Melissa. I am lighter and feel happier. I don't understand how this all works but I trust Melissa and now my own experience. I would definitely do this again and recommend Melissa. Amazing session. "

– Alyssa J. B. - Teacher, New York City


“My sound balancing session was a wonderful experience. I feel more grounded and solid. More open and kind to myself and to others. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity with Melissa. She is kind and supportive and has an expansive knowledge of healing work which enriches everything. It helps me welcome the change this Vibrational Re-patterning/sound balancing brought."

– Kennon Luck - Stage manager/dog walker, Brooklyn New York


“It's all about vibrations resonating to the frequencies and beat of your own drum. Loved my one on one session with Melissa!”

– Sean L - Writer, Brooklyn NYC


"Melissa had a good way of helping me gain clarity with the questions she asked me. I noticed energetically and intuitively what resonated with me and what didn't. Coming from a background of hypnosis sessions allowed Melissa to challenge many of my former preconceived notions I still held onto while including sound. I trusted her and her process and allowed her to lead the way in shifting these former beliefs. When being fed back the positive suggestions that she had me write down, coupled with the sounds, I noticed quite a few energetic shifts. She linked the words 'safety' and 'confidence' while generating the sounds and I immediately felt my shoulders drop and an overall calm flow in my body, as if something had just melted away or been released. Melissa's ocean drum conjured an image of me being immersed in water from up above (like a torrential downpour) that led me to shed any thoughts, beliefs or feelings that no longer serve me. I have a very clear image (and its associated feelings) in mind to conjure safety, confidence and financial security whenever I need to. Now I know I can reconnect to my symbols of safety to address these feelings."

– Lani B. - Marketing, NYC


“I booked the sound healing session with Melissa because I have been feeling lost with myself and my future. I was feeling sad/ depressed and knew that I needed to be healed. I was a little nervous as I did not know what to expect to happen. When walking in, Melissa greeted me with a smile and a warm welcoming hug. I knew right then and there that I was going to have a great experience.

Melissa got right down to business asking me why I was there an explaining the process of what we were going to do and how to start the healing process. She had me saying things out loud that I would never say to myself let alone in front of someone I had never met before. It didn’t take long for her to figure out the root of what was affecting me. She gave me the right thoughts, words and breathing techniques to do make me feel better.

I connected with Melissa right away. It was like we had known each other for years. I could tell her anything and knew that I wasn’t being judged.

Melissa explained everything during the session. She went through each sound instrument, what it represented and what it sounded like. For this session, Melissa used an ocean drum, a tuning fork, singing bowl, and gong, among other bells and sounds. We even talked about the different parts of the Chakras, and went through breathing techniques for me to practice at home.

Melissa made me aware of where I was hurting and how I can heal my pain. She made me aware of how not to be negative towards my sadness/ depression but to apologize to myself. I now see how I was overwhelming myself with stress, anxiety by always putting other people first.

It was so fascinating to me that the instruments had such a powerful experience on me physically and emotionally. When Melissa used the love tuning fork I could literally feel it zap me in my wrist and the back of my knee. When she used the ocean drum I literally started laughing and smiling uncontrollably.

It was the best experience I have ever had. When it was over I felt like a completely different person. When she used the singing bowl, and gong it was like I was entranced into another dimension.

After the end of the session I felt happier, relaxed, open and free. It was like I had 100 lb. weight lifted off of my chest that I had been carrying around for so long. I noticed a major release of stress, anxiety and pressure that I was carrying. I had many changes physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Physically I felt lighter. Spiritually I felt more open. Mentally I felt more aware. Emotionally I felt free. I felt like a completely different person, lighter, and emotionally happier, as a whole. I could think clearer. I was more conscience of myself and my feelings. I felt spiritually more open.

In conclusion, the session and sound healing with Melissa was a great experience. When I came in I was sad, depressed, lost, stressed, and anxious. The session itself is a safe, relaxing and comforting experience. Melissa lets you figure out what is the bothering you and helps you to heal yourself. She guides you toward recovery. After working with Melissa on this first session I feel so much happier, relaxed, free and at peace with myself. I know this is the start of the healing process. Thanks to her and her practice I am on the right road to recovery and peace.”

– Michelle Poh - Print and Video Producer, NYC


"My Sound Balancing session with Melissa was like a meditation in action. It was wonderful. What amazed me was how much congestion in my chest area was released in one session. I felt more vibration from the singing bowls penetrate throughout my body than ever before. The singing bowls are so relaxing. I could feel myself letting go. My stress level was at a 8-9 when I began and by the end of the session all stressful feelings were gone. I felt lighter, more relaxed and my mind is calm.

I have had several sessions with Melissa and I can definitely see and feel the difference from the very first session. I am feeling more life-flow energy and more relaxation with each session I have. Melissa Zollo is a very confident and focused practitioner. She focuses on my needs, the client's needs and zooms in on what needs to be worked on. Her voice is very comforting and relaxing. I could feel the depth of her caring throughout my session. I absolutely recommend Melissa Zollo for a sound balancing session or a series of sessions."

– Ty - Online Marketing


"I came into Melissa feeling stressed and a bit anxious about "what's going to happen to me?" I was both curious and concerned. My workday had been challenging so the little bits were piling up. I have done something to my knee and that also makes me feel unsafe as I feel unstable trying to protect it when I walk and go up and down stairs. Melissa immediately relaxed me with her calm voice and soothing presence. With a little Q & A regarding my health and goals she helped my monkey brain become silent and I was up on the table ready to experience "healing sounds". The tuning forks immediately helped me drop down into that deep state of relaxation. I could feel myself sink and expand. The singing bowls really took me down into a deep state. My whole body vibrated and expanded and my technical term is completely "mushy"! I stopped feeling my immediate boundaries of skin and bone and just became a floating energy. Even as she moved the bowls around on me, it still felt as if a bowl was in a place that it had just left. As the bowls were moved closer to my face I felt like I wanted to pour myself into them. The big gong and its deep sound waves immediately brought a smile to my face as I rode that and floated more. There was a sound that made me contract and then when it stopped I expanded and floated again.

Then the chimes, tinkerbell popped into my head the minute I heard the Koshi chimes. I immediately felt light-hearted. It also felt like there were 2 separate instruments at 2 separate places above me and all around me. There was a point where my knee started tinkling like it was being stitched up.

I went in to this session with a stress level of 7 and came out with a 1! I was a happy camper! Today I have remained in a calm and centered place even with the craziness of work.

I definitely recommend Melissa Zollo for a sound balancing session. She certainly made a big difference in my state of being!

All best."

– Vy Grove

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