Memory Reconciliation

Imagining Creates Reality! Revise Your Past to Alter Your Future!

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“If we can bring the effects of a traumatic memory forward in time, we can revise and reconcile toxic energy on memories and thus bring a more beneficial energized memory – soundtrack forward.”
– Melissa Zollo


What if the human mind could travel through time?

It does! Every day we revisit our past. It’s called memory. Every day we imagine possible futures. We call that dreaming. 

Many people are trapped in distorted reactions to what they recollect. They are stuck in soundtracks of denial, pain, pretenses, blaming and excuses. This intrusive phenomenon can cause old toxic unresolved feelings to reappear out of nowhere and superimpose themselves onto the present moment.

We perceive our memories (or imprints) as pictures or videos which are static and unchanging. We believe our memories to be true representations of what happened and we carry them forward in time. However, a memory is really more like a film script and we can edit or revise scripts we don’t like.


“Neurons that fire together, wire together. Repeated patterns of mental activity require repeated patterns of brain activity.”
– Dr Rick Hanson


What is an imprint?

 An imprint is a picture that has been impressed in our mind because of something we saw, heard, felt, read or experienced in the past. All of us act and react daily according to our inherited or acquired imprints, whether they are given to us in the moment or have been impressed upon our mind at some time in our past. We carry positive imprints that contribute to our lives in optimal ways. However, we also carry unwanted imprints that affect our lives in destructive ways. Often, our imprints control what we do in all facets of our lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually.


“A man with no vision for his future always returns to his past.”
– Unknown proverb


Many people live defeated lives because they can’t seem to get past “unpleasant memories” of their past.

  • Do you suffer from at least one painful memory from your past?
  • Do you carry around a nagging feeling that you’re not worthy, loved or lovable?
  • Do unresolved toxic feelings keep you from living spontaneously in the present?
  • Were you conditioned and taught that “you cannot change your past”?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, read on…


The world is one of our creation

There are reasons for feeling the way you do right now. Don’t push them away, rather seek to understand them. Every time a memory imprint is triggered, our feelings tell us if the memory is threatening, painful, joyous, regretful, happy or sad. And when feelings speak we should be compelled to listen. The good news is that we have the potential to put our emotional world in order.

We Can Only Be What We Give Ourselves The Power To Be!

We Can Only Be What We Give Ourselves The Power To Be!


The Original Time Machine Is The Human Mind

Our lives are profoundly influenced by the imprints (ideas, beliefs, memories or concepts), stored in our minds.


The Basic Premise

The basic premise is whenever we experience an emotional wound or trauma, a part of our vital essence disconnects from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. Some in the shamonic filed call this soul fragmentation. Regardless what you label it, for many, it takes the form of a perpetual feeling and experience of incompleteness and disconnection from feeling fully present in one’s body and fully engaged in life. Now is the time to know how to correct, strengthen, clear, heal and support your Biofield.


Does Your Biofield Need Attention?

It may need attention when a person is:

  • Feeling small or ignored
  • Highly sensitive to the environment
  • Highly sensitive to the surrounding electromagnetic energies
  • Is easily overwhelmed in the presence of others


Understanding what memory reconciliation can do allows us to deal, feel, heal, and revise a new awareness of ourselves into being. Once we know how to revise an imprint and fuel it with high frequency feelings, the rewritten script is registered into our biofield and deeper mind. It’s like new software being downloaded onto a computer.


"Our memories, feelings, and thoughts are encoded in patterns of tiny electrical impulses and the electromagnetic spectrum can be expressed in terms of energy and frequency."


Healing Ancestral Imbalances With Memory Reconciliation

Everything is energy and negative energy traveling down the ancestral line for whatever reason has the potential to impact descendants.

Genetic hereditary patterns   and inter-dimensional interferences have the potential to influence your life in many different ways.

Genetic hereditary patterns and inter-dimensional interferences have the potential to influence your life in many different ways.



Revise Your Past And Change Your Future

When you revise your energy imprints, you are “quantum jumping” into another timeline. And when you quantum jump, you effectively influence your biofield and change your Book of Life, your Akashic Record and the past as you knew it. You are moving into another frequency and reality entirely.

It sounds simple, but your happiness depends on whether you like the way you feel. With Memory Reconciliation, you can actually go back in imagination, alter or revise an original imprint and also the emotion it is charged with. After all, a memory is nothing more than an imaginal act. You can repattern, revise or override the past memory with a new image. Rather than relive painful feelings or replay the original experience the way it happened, you can decide that the old image is in error. Experience has shown that when a person changes their self-image, they feel differently. They “see” themselves from a new point of view. They sense they have accessed the perspective of healing and expanded their awareness.


“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”
– Henry David Thoreau


Does Memory Reconciliation Support Fantasy?

No. In fact fantasies are oftentimes used to help people handle denied emotional pain. Once you have used Memory Reconciliation to heal this pain and find yourself, you have no further need to either be controlled or to control others through fantasy. Your life no longer revolves around a fixed memory with all its regulations, restrictions and limitations.

Memory Reconciliation allows you to deal, feel and heal the pain that still needs to be healed. Suffering is eroded gradually by waves of the truth. In time, your life contains more balance, passion, generosity, empathy, kindness and sharing. You no longer feel obligated to be anything but honest.

Simple truths for dealing with the unfinished business of your past!

Simple truths for dealing with the unfinished business of your past!


Does Memory Reconciliation Deny Painful Feelings?

No. It also does not support toxic nostalgia for the events that caused your challenges. Sessions are a series of exposures to resolving pain, healing wounds, and creating new response patterns.

Memory Reconciliation is a way of life. It is an opportunity to cleanse, clear and rebalance our mind and emotions, reframing the contents of memory and bringing us enormous amounts of strength, confidence and deep inner peace. We all want and need to reconcile our past in order to face life unencumbered by unrealistic fears. Events from our past can block our ability to be emotionally free and can get in the way of the natural healing process that is inherent in all of us.


What Does Memory Reconciliation Do? 

  • Moves you from passive reaction to active creation, breaking the cycle of recurrence and building an ever-expanding future. It is a way to heal intrusive phenomena.
  • Helps define the forces that block feelings, allowing you to recognize and override the obstacles that can create unhappiness and unnecessary tension in your life. It opens the gateways to forgiveness, self-acceptance and success.

  • Takes you on a journey of spiritual revitalization that moves your attention from the unfinished business of your past back into your sacred interior. Truth simplifies and restores emotional resilience.

  • Acts like a physical cleanse, liberating you from the toxicity of unresolved emotions aligned with toxic memories, reconnecting you with your soul's purpose, and gifts you with the clarity and the inspiration to care for yourself and live your life like never before.

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“That which you experience in the physical world is merely a shadow, reflecting the reality of your imaginal activity. Therefore, when you revise a conversation, an unhappy experience, or a quality about yourself, you are literally experiencing it in reality, your consciousness.”
– Neville



Memory Reconciliation is a key to transformation! It is a path for personal growth and healing.  It can help you:

  • Overcome and release limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
  • See personal relationships in a new light and make new friends
  • Gain greater health, happiness and peace of mind
  • Understand the power of the spoken word
  • Lawfully secure what you want from life
  • Unlock and energize hidden talents and abilities
  • Create more compassion and love for yourself and others
  • Understand and align with your life purpose


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"I found myself where many often do: struggling with daily life, unhappy in my relationship and no idea where to turn to.  Sometimes I could not even pinpoint what was wrong or what I was feeling but I knew I was unhappy and unable to shake it.  Melissa was referred by my boyfriend who is a long-standing client of hers.  "What's to lose, I'll try anything" was my attitude going into our first 15-minute consultation.  Those 15 minutes were absolutely revolutionary for me.  She picked up on exactly how I was feeling and left me with a sense of comfort that we would get through it.... Whatever 'it" was.  We have now been speaking for 9 months and I can honestly say that things are much better in all levels of my life.  What I like most is that Melissa does not dwell on the actual incident and the 'he said/she said' of the situation, but instead focuses on the reaction, the triggers and the deep-rooted places that emotional responses come from.  She goes deeper than your average therapist or physiologist, because she is not one.  I have progressively been able to focus on my goals, change my patterns and recognize that my old behaviors are not permanent.  I would recommend her to absolutely everyone."
Lauren - Solar Medical Sales, Arizona

"I am a tuner of voices, instruments, people.  I love tuning!  I adore being present in the vibrational universe and have skills and training to bring "in-tunement" to pianos and stringed instruments of many kinds.  My training and background as a singer and voice teacher also enable me to tune voices.  And that's my joy. But who 'tunes the Tuner?'  Nothing in my life prepared me for the tuning that I received from Melissa Zollo.  
Words cannot describe the exciting realms of consciousness and JOY ENERGY that are coursing within and around me!  I feel as though I have lifted off of my personal story of hurt and doom, and now a freedom from that story, HAS CLEARLY ENERGISED ME!  I now have no choice but to nourish and commit to the great, constantly renewing energy forces of my Higher Power!  My resources have now zoomed from my unconsciously perpetuated personal story, to the liberation of the boundless Universal Energy!  Who would ever want to go back?  I feel transformed!  Today is my 66th birthday and I am reborn.  I am sensing a vast energy from the Universe.  Who would ever want to crawl back into a dark cave of pain: a scoreboard of losses and assaults, that I have held onto since birth, and keep 'feeding' by my belief in it?  I finally know that it's time to let it go!  My whole physical body knows this, my emotional bodies have been storing the pain energy from my story, making it stronger and stronger, plus many people in my life know my story and "support" it on my behalf!  My story served a purpose in allowing me to survive: it gave me reasons to explain my pain and hurt.  But we have outgrown each other!!!  It's time to let it go. This is not the first time that I have tried to get free of 'my story'.  I have encountered the hindrance of it in therapy, in Landmark, in Yoga, in many help and healing practises.  But just being aware of it, won't change the 'addiction' to it.  Melissa used specific techniques to break down the stored pain places which opened new receptors for the joyous energy that I feel today. 
I am rejoicing: body and soul!!  Today is truly my birthday; my RE-BIRTH DAY, and I am awed by what has happened.  Melissa Zollo, I feel so grateful to you for liberating so much trapped energy in me.  I feel tuned, and tuned into the reality of Universal Energy. 

Hello, Life! "

– Eve Zanni

“I do not know how else to say it other than Melissa Zollo has truly changed my life.  
My husband, Bud, and I have been involved in a spiritual quest, and have been members of Unity Church for 33 years.  We were personal friends of Eric Butterworth, one of Unity’s most renowned lecturers, authors and leaders of the Unity movement – often referred to as a “Twentieth Century Emerson” - and his lovely wife, Olga. 
Bud’s spiritual yearnings were so strong that he became a Licensed Unity Teacher and facilitator of many classes and study groups at the Unity Fellowship Church in Norwalk, CT.  He went on to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister, and finally received his Doctorate of Divinity in 2003 – four weeks before he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.  But we just knew that Bud had the ability to heal from this new challenge, and it would be an opportunity for us to help show others how they could also.  Bud was a light unto the world – a man who emanated love, and was loved by almost everyone who met him.  He was known by many as “Bud Light”.  And he had no fear of his illness, because he knew he would heal.
About two months after Bud’s brain tumor diagnoses we met Melissa Zollo, who was a guest speaker at our Unity Church in Norwalk. There was an instantaneous “soul connection” between Bud and Melissa, but we never imagined what an important role she would play in our lives from that time on.  Over the next two years, while Bud was working to heal from the brain tumor, every time Melissa saw a Bud Light Beer truck, she took it as a sign to call “Bud Light”. 
Each time Melissa called was “a perfect time,” and she provided wonderful inspiration and support for both Bud and me.  In spite of the fact that 14 MRI's over 2 ¼ years showed constant improvement in the brain tumor, and “no sign of active tumor,” we lost our “Bud Light” on August 30th, 2005 – not from the brain tumor but from infections that resulted from one of the treatments.
The main teachings of Unity and Eric Butterworth– the Omnipresence of God, the Divinity of Man and the Creative Power of thought were there guiding principles in our lives. Eric always taught, “You can change your life by altering your thoughts.”  We understood these principles and incorporated them into our lives to the best of our human ability, but often found ourselves not expressing them in our lives as well as we wanted to. I found this particularly true for myself after my precious Bud passed away. 
Six months after he had left, on the last day of February, I found myself in Melissa’s apartment for a “Thank you for being there for us” visit.  But Melissa “saw” what was happening to me, and exclaimed, “We need to work!”  Over the next two hours she totally changed my life. Melissa helped me transform from a heartbroken woman, unable to “believe” that my Bud was gone and sliding deeper and deeper into my grief, into a woman accepting the past, willing and ready to “LIVE” again and to start to create a wonderful future for myself – knowing that I could do that. How could Melissa have helped me to make such a dramatic change in my life?  I told Melissa at the time, and I repeat it now, “You DO what Unity teaches!”  She took me by the hand and walked me, step-by-step through a letting go, a discovery process, and actually “changing my life by altering my thoughts”.  It is impossible to describe in words, but for me, Melissa’s work has been a miracle in my life.”
– Margit Paulit. CT

Read more about how Melissa has changed people’s lives through Memory Reconciliation, or if you would like to speak to Melissa about how Memory Reconciliation could help you, please get in touch today.


Melissa Zollo

Melissa is a leading inspirational speaker and mentor, a celebrated grand-master imagist, energy facilitator, reiki master, certified restorative and advanced regression hypnotist, certified Akashic record reader, memory reconciliation and image re-patterning practitioner, certified sound healer, certified gong master, certified Himalayan singing bowl practitioner and certified tuning forks and drum practitioner. She created the ‘Imaginal Dynamic” series and lectured on the Universal Laws of Consciousness and the Power of Imagination for 30 years. Click here to read Melissa’s full biography.



Melissa is not a medical doctor or mental health practitioner.  She does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or heal any physical, mental, or emotional illness. The services Melissa renders are not a form of health care, psychotherapy, or counseling, nor are they substitutes for medical treatments or medications. She recommends that you seek medical and/or professional help when appropriate. Melissa will withhold non-referred services if a client’s behavior, appearance or statements would lead a reasonable person to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed health care professional, and will provide services to such clients only after evaluation and with the approval of the licensed health care professional.


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