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"I had a sound healing session with Melissa and both of my dogs were present in the room at the time.  I definitely benefited from the session and felt more relaxed and calm than I had in a very long time.  Sadly, I had lost my husband of 27 years and understandably, grief and stress had taken its toll on my body and my emotions.  One of my dogs was diagnosed with heart failure in May of 2016. He is what is called a "critical care patient" as his heart is failing in 3 places. He is an Australian Shepherd, 12 and 1/2 years old and is my constant companion.  Having been through a similar situation with another of our dogs several years ago, the prognosis is not good as the heart is damaged and continues to deteriorate. At the time of my session, Butch was not doing well at all and he wasn't metabolizing his many heart medications that he needs to take to stabilize his condition.  After my/our session, I noticed that both Butch and his brother Dolce (a gentle, beautiful Akita) both seemed more relaxed and "at peace".  Having experienced the enormous loss at losing their father, they needed healing too.  I am happy to say that Dolce is again smiling, talking and playing and Butch''s arrythmia and his valve disease which puts him in congestive heart failure more times than I like to count are both at a point where they are more manageable. He is eating, he is happy and he still has wonderful quality of life.  It has now been 17 months after his first collapsing episode in full heart failure.  Every day is a blessing and we will all be doing another session with Melissa very soon."
– Tracey S - Canine photographer and writer, NY
"I am the happy owner of three doxies, 2 cats, 3 goats and 3 chickens. I brought my English shaded cream dachshund, who is four years and five months old in for a sound and Reiki session with Melissa. My experience of Melissa is that she is very thorough, clear and an excellent practitioner. My dog was very happy and comfortable to feel Melissa's touch and to be in her presence. Likewise I am at peace working and being with Melissa. My focus for this session was to help Blazer with his attachment issues. I don't know who benefited more me or him.  During the session I became aware of my connection to loss, grief and the transference process to my dog. Melissa clearly has the unique ability to observe and offer suggestions as well as actions that produce immediate desired results. I highly recommend the extraordinary multi faceted work uniquely offered by Melissa Zollo."
– DM. - Personal Trainer - CT
"Lucy (my toy poodle) and I had a wonderful sound bath experience with Melissa. Very relaxing. I felt a sense of connectedness and peace as the sounds moved through me." 
– Olivia H. - Sculptor, NYC
"According to biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake, animals possess powers of perception that go beyond the five known senses — namely telepathy, a sense of direction, and the ability to predict events (premonitions)."  Since working with Melissa I am becoming more aware of how my thoughts influence my dog’s behavior. Truly an eye opening experience for me to realize that thoughts are things and that I can use mine to think my dog well, happy and enjoying life. Thank you Melissa for teaching me to listen to the sounds, let go, expand my consciousness and most of all about telepathy with animals. Truly an eye opener to have a sound bath session with Melissa Zollo. 
– Mike D - Lawyer, NY,  NY
“I learn so much from my sound balancing and reiki sessions with my dog Lucas and Melissa. It is becoming a spa day out for both of us.”
– Deborah L., NY, NY
“Sessions with Melissa show me how reducing separation anxiety in my rescue dog clearly begins with my energy and my mindset. I have been through many painful changes in the last few years and working with Melissa has shown me how similar to humans, dogs are. They can develop separation anxiety after experiencing loss or dramatic life changes. The sound balancing sessions with Melissa inspire me to deal with and heal my grief and as I let go my dog is open to the training that will help his behavioral issues. The sound bath is awesome.”
– Louise T - Restaurant Manager, NYC, NY
“Try it! I guarantee that you and your dog will benefit from a sound bath.”
– Jimmy P - The house doctor, Brooklyn, NY 
“My Sound Bath experience with my pet was an opportunity to relax, reset, and rejuvenate for both of us. Thanks for offering this unique type of doggy owner meditation Melissa.”
– Marci, NJ
“I talk a lot but never listened to myself until this Sound session with Melissa. I realized that I was always feeling sorry for my dog and for the emotional damage of his past. Within ten minutes, the understanding of old thought patterns that I was attaching to my pet changed things instantaneously for the better. I reframed the whole picture and set an intention with Melissa's help, seeing my dog as friendly, relaxed and seeing harmony with our cats at home. I truly believe that this allowed for both of us to enjoy the Sound Balancing session. I recommend it to others.”
– Carrie D. - Artist, NYC
“Wonderful experience! Loved the singing bowls. As my dog Sunshine chilled I had an eye opener based on this comment by Melissa: "Whether it's a health challenge, an emotional challenge, or a behavioral challenge, a label can dominate the thoughts and feelings around our pets." I clearly want to pull out the positive and build on my dog’s potential. I will be back.”
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